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Angry Birds Seasons
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Angry Birds Seasons

Puzzle / 2013
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    v 3.2.0
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    Intel only
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In Angry Birds Seasons on Mac OS, the player, along with an angry flock of birds, travels on various holidays from all over the world. With the help of several new birds to help the existing ones, the player will fight the treacherous pigs in the festive settings of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and more. The levels are stylized according to the traditions of the holiday, for example, in the levels dedicated to Halloween, bats and pumpkins will appear.

The game is based on the fact that the annoying green pigs are back to taking all the eggs. The player's goal is to bring back these unborn birds by throwing the bird on buildings and destroying strangely colored pigs. These special episodes offer more challenging levels with popping pigs and golden eggs to discover.


  • More than 300 levels;
  • Regular free updates;
  • New game mechanics;
  • New species of birds.


The core of the gameplay for the Mac OS game is that players must use a slingshot to launch multiple birds into nearby structures with the intention of hitting targets that are located on or inside them. The main targets are pigs, and they can be defeated if they are fired at directly or by other means, for example: a bird gets into a structure that falls on the pig, defeating it. Small pigs are weak and easy to defeat, while large pigs can take more damage.

Each set of levels represents a different "season", often based on different themes and holidays. Different sets of levels each have their own unique theme and sometimes completely different gameplay. For each level, the player will receive an estimate, it will depend on the performance (the birds used and the degree of destruction of the structure), which, in turn, determines how many stars the player will receive. It is also possible to unlock spells and easily go through any stage if Download the game.

Each bird has its own specific characteristics and abilities that can be invoked by tapping the screen when the bird is in mid-flight. The red bird strikes anything in front of it, the smaller blue bird splits into three, the white one throws an egg bomb, the yellow one can fly faster, and the new gray character can fly straight down and smash his opponents.

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Angry Birds Seasons Mac Game Download
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