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Worms Special Edition
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Worms Special Edition

Strategy / 2011
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    v 1.0.0
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    Intel only
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In Worms Special Edition for Mac OS, the player plunges into an irreconcilable war of worms, which have deadly killing weapons in their arsenal. Each worm is one of the soldiers, divided by teams. To distinguish between them, pay attention to the gamer's name, health level, color of the flag. You can play both online and in solo mode. In the second case, the role of enemies is taken over by artificial intelligence, the complexity is regulated by the user.

During hostilities, bonuses periodically appear in the form of boxes with weapons, tools or a first-aid kit. To win, the player must inflict irreparable damage to enemy worms within one year. The gamer is given time to aim and select a weapon. The main goal is to destroy enemies without touching your own. The game will go on as long as there is at least one enemy on the battlefield.

If the game mode is set to a timer, then Sudden Death will occur. In this mode, there is a random selection of worms and the location of the battle. The end of the round can be affected by the health level of the worms. If the value is equal to one, the game loses its meaning, since any hit, not even aimed one, will lead to death.

Death can be affected by flooding, especially if the worm cannot swim. Each new move plunges the local location deeper and deeper. Nuclear strike is characterized by the spraying of poison, which affects the health level of the worms. In addition, after a nuclear attack, the water level begins to rise.

In single player mode, a limited number of moves are set. The game provides a scenario for the development of events that must be followed to progress to the next round. For example, the player will be surrounded by enemies, and they need to be destroyed by choosing the right location and weapons. In addition, in single player mode, it is allowed to collect weapons and bonuses to fight for victory with artificial intelligence. In each of the modes, replays are available, which are demonstrated during each turn and destruction of a certain location.

Worms Special Edition on Mac OS is primarily interesting online. At worst, a gamer can Download a strategy, call a group of friends home and play with them on one computer. Playing together is exciting and addictive. Each move must be accompanied by a selected strategy, otherwise one of the teams risks losing. Choose a position to attack and select weapons to destroy enemy worms as quickly as possible.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Worms Special Edition Mac Game Download
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