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Monopoly here and now
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Monopoly here and now

Puzzle / 2007
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Monopoly here and now is a Mac OS video game based on the popular board game. Was designed and published by Hasbro, Inc. in 2007.

Monopoly is a game of buying, renting and selling real estate in order to acquire the most valuable assets. The richest of all party members becomes the winner. At the beginning, each player moves his piece along the playing area by the number of cells, in total, dropped out on both dice thrown by him. If a participant with his figure stands on a site that does not yet belong to him, he can purchase it from the bank. However, if he does not want to acquire the property, the banker will sell it for the highest price at the auction.

Real estate players charge rent from teammates staying at their property. The construction of hotels and houses significantly increases the rental payments collected, so it is beneficial to build on as many plots of land as possible. Any participant can receive additional funds from the bank through a mortgage. Players are required to follow the instructions on the cards. The main goal is not to go bankrupt.


The player throwing both dice, who decided to Download the game, moves forward according to the arrow by the corresponding number of squares. The cell occupied determines the actions of the participant. Two or more figures are capable of simultaneously being on the same cell. The different fields suggest the following options:

  • Buy a building plot or other real estate;
  • Payment of rent (when property belongs to another participant);
  • Payment of taxes;
  • Removing a random card or card from the cashier;
  • Imprisonment;
  • Free stay;
  • Choice of salary.

If the same number of points falls on both dice, the participant moves the chip to the corresponding number of cells and follows the instructions. Then it's his turn again and he rolls the dice. If the same amount is recruited 3 times in a row, the player is immediately imprisoned.

When a participant enters the START field or crosses it in the direction of the arrow, he will receive money from the bank. You can get them twice during one round if you go to the "Chance" or "Cashier" field immediately after START and take a card that instructs you to go to START again.

If the game situation in Monopoly here and now for Mac OS requires you to rent more than you can pay in cash, you can pay off the debt to the lender partly in cash and partly on building plots. In this case, the lender may accept property (even one that is in debt) at a value significantly higher than the specified value in order to acquire the remaining land or prevent another from acquiring the property. Property owners are required to control the payment of rent payments for their property. Borrowing money is possible only in a bank and on collateral. It is not allowed to borrow funds from each other.

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System requirements
  • Macintosh Computer with G4 or Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32 MB Video Card
  • 25 MB Free HD space
Monopoly here and now Mac Game Download
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