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Memes Mario
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Memes Mario

Arcade / 2011
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Memes Mario is a complicated version of a regular game for Mac OS about the plumber Mario, where difficult traps will await during the passage, requiring a lot of attention and care. This mini-project is custom: developed and published in 2011 by Zymler.

The creation largely copies the gameplay: the user controls the character, collects coins and jumps on the monsters, killing them. But already at the start, changes are visible: the sprites of the original enemies and the character have been replaced with "meme" faces, the main thing is the "trollface".

During the passage of the next level, the player laughs hysterically at the surprise and stupidity of failure. You will have to laugh a lot, because the game sets enough traps for the player. It may happen that during a jump, the character will knock a coin out of an invisible block, which will light up when touched, scaring and laughing the user not only by his appearance, but also by the face of the man controlled by the player.

Here, nerves are lost due to the presence of a huge number of "setups": the game makes the player more and more angry (failures contribute to this). However, the developer made a small concession to users: the character has an infinite number of lives and there is a saving near the flags. Thus, after completing a level for a long time, you don't have to worry about losing progress. This is the main difference between the original and this version of the game: Mario had a certain number of lives located in locations, and here this need disappears.

The player will have to develop skills in Memes Mario on Mac OS for a long time and memorize the traps on the levels. The passage is also facilitated by the fact that there are only 4 levels, and not more. With each new level, more and more dastardly (adjusted to spite the user) traps appear, from the sudden appearance of which, the player may be shocked. Constant vigilance in the new location will wait.

Most people noted the overstated difficulty in the project, which was very tied and did not let them get bored - users played for a long time, trying to pass the next level. Thus, the gameplay really delayed, without letting go for a second. The only drawback that was noticed was the inability to change the resolution. Otherwise, users recommend Download this project to those who need a really high complexity.

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  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.6+
  • Free seat: 500 Mb
Memes Mario Mac Game Download
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