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Super Tux
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Super Tux

Platform / 2003
  • Developer:
    SuperTux Development Team
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 0.1.3
  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

North Pole animals are nothing new to indie arcade games. It is worth remembering at least the Yeti Sports series of flash games. In Super Tux, many challenges await players.

Heroes of the series - Tux and Penny enjoyed an afternoon picnic on a small ice floe. But suddenly a pleasant afternoon turns into a bad dream. While the heroes were enjoying their snacks, a vile villain crept up to them. He did not hesitate to knock Tux off his feet as if taking aim with lightning. Before he could fully wake up, his girlfriend had time to disappear somewhere. A letter was found nearby, addressed to Tux, from which he learned that Penny had been kidnapped. Since Tux was an adventurer from birth, he does not hesitate a second to find her.

The plot of the story is quite typical. The exaggerated resemblance between Super Tux on Mac OS and an endless series of clones of the old plumber Mario is striking. The game principles have remained practically unchanged. Only the environment has been replaced by snow-covered frozen deserts inhabited by distinctive animals. However, they are more likely to harm the protagonist than help. Enemies may turn out to be not quite ordinary, for example, a marching bomb or a terrible iron skull that continuously moves vertically.

Due to the large number of enemies and islands from which the hero can fall at any moment due to the player's minute inattention, as many as 5 lives were initially given at the disposal. Although the number may seem too large, over time, the opposite is revealed - there are places where perhaps 5 lives will not be enough.

Fortunately, all levels are literally littered with coins, often in a Mario pattern, hidden in boxes, from which they can be knocked out with a simple jump. Truly attentive collectors will be rewarded with one extra life for every hundred coins, which will certainly pay off the search. In addition to coins, various improvements are hidden in the boxes, which will also seem familiar to fans of the Super Mario series: magnification, the ability to shoot, immortality.

The technical performance of Super Tux for Mac OS is above average. As for the graphic design, it is quite austere, but still not devoid of a certain style and idea. Moreover, all the minor graphic flaws are completely covered by the sound component, which turned out to be as successful as ever. The music that accompanies the player's actions is not only well-chosen, but also changes during the game depending on the situation, which is quite a big plus in such minimalistic projects.

Overall, Super Tux is a very addicting game with a nice design and great gameplay. Anyone tired of endless clones of Mario, but loving his concept, can safely recommend Download Super Tux.

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System requirements
  • Memory: 512mb
  • Video: 64mb
Super Tux Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 0.02 GB
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