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Order of War
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Order of War

Strategy / 2009
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    English, Russian

An interesting strategy game for Mac OS Order of War from developers from Belarus takes the player back to the Second World War, more precisely to 1944. The player will be given three campaigns to choose from. The first is devoted to the struggle of American troops against Nazi Germany and the liberation of Western Europe. And the second campaign tells the story of a powerful counteroffensive by the Soviet Union, which seeks to reclaim its own territory and end German domination in the European theater of operations. In the third scenario, the player will have to lead the Germans and organize the correct retreat, trying to prevent the defeat of their troops and the complete collapse of the eastern front.

In Order of War, the practice of collecting resources and control over the unit limit is completely absent. Instead, the player will need to capture special control points that give access to new types of equipment or allow you to call for reinforcements. This feature allows us to classify Order of War as a tactical game, where the emphasis is not on the maximum number of units, but on the player's ability to competently manage his army by combining units and using terrain features. Therefore, it will not be possible to win here due to simple numerical superiority, the player is required to be attentive, flexible in thinking and speed in making important decisions.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting a large number of military equipment that has real historical prototypes and is massively used in World War II. The developers tried to bring the game events as close as possible to the real ones, so they carefully tried to recreate the terrain and the general layout of cities. These features can motivate players to take a short historical tour to learn and practice the tactics used by real-life warlords.

In general, the game on Mac OS turned out to be quite interesting and exciting. In addition to the main campaigns, the player will have a large number of single missions and a multiplayer game mode. Additional pluses of Order of War include a clear interface and decent graphic design. These positive qualities have allowed the game to gain some popularity among the global gaming community. Strategy lovers recommend Download the game, noting the well-thought-out campaigns and a decent balance that does not allow one of the parties to gain a clear advantage.

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  • MacBook Pro 2.4 / 4Gb / GF8600M GT
  • OS X 10.6.7
  • XQuartz 2.6.2
  • WineSkin 1.3.23
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