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Star Wars Republic Commando
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Star Wars Republic Commando

Shooter / 2005
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Star Wars Republic Commando is another tactical shooter on Mac OS that tells about the events in a galaxy far, far away. This time, the player will control one of the clone commandos, which were created to perform particularly important tasks. The soldiers of the "delta" squad are top-class military specialists, they are capable of waging a sabotage war, holding positions from superior enemy forces and conducting counter-terrorist operations. Their first task is to eliminate one of the separatist leaders and destroy his flagship. To do this, the detachment is divided and causes irreparable damage to the huge spacecraft. All means are used from explosives to the destruction of the spacecraft reactor.

Since the main specificity of the detachment is boarding operations, their second task will also concern the penetration of the enemy ship. But this time, the detachment was ordered to get a logbook and other information about the ship's flights. Large groups of combat drones and droids are trying to interfere with the squad. These mechanical soldiers have a high level of artificial intelligence and are well-armed. But the delta squad is not in vain considered professionals in their field. Acting in small groups, commandos carry out a combat mission, covering comrades who are downloading the necessary files.

The final stage of the campaign involves the rescue of the leader of the Wookiee people who has been kidnapped by the separatists. Now the delta squad will have to apply their skills of camouflage and silent elimination of the enemy. They are faced with a very responsible task, and a single mistake can cost the life of a valuable hostage. But the members of the squad know their business well, they manage to save the prisoner and retreat from the enemy's lair. Unfortunately, their comrade disappeared without a trace, who became the first combat loss of this group. The rest of the clones are going through this loss hard, but they have no time to grieve, the squad must carry out the next mission.

Star Wars Republic Commando for Mac OS turned out to be quite dynamic with a well-developed plot. It retains all the features of the Star Wars universe and perfectly conveys the general atmosphere. In addition, it is worth noting the good graphical performance of the shooter and interesting battle mechanics. Fans of the MCU quite warmly accepted the game, and were pleased with the opportunity to Download the game and see their favorite characters again.

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Star Wars Republic Commando Mac Game Download
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