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Monster Trucks Nitro
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Monster Trucks Nitro

Racing / 2008
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    v 2.1.0
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    PPC/Intel universal
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    Not required
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Monster Trucks Nitro is the first installment in a series of platform racing video games for Mac OS created by RedLynx. MTN was released in December 2008 and looks like the average racing game. Almost two years after the release, there was an update with additional content.

Players have all the advantages: they control the acceleration / deceleration of the monster truck's, the height of the car, while in the air. Limited altitude control is given to the player if he is on the highway, enhanced by acceleration or deceleration.

Nitro in the title of the series stems from the game's emphasis on earning laughing gas, which can be obtained by collecting bottles or jumping in the air. The laughing gas either acts instantly or accumulates, waiting for the moment when the participant presses the nitrous button. In any case, this guarantees an increase in speed for the car.

The Monster Trucks Nitro player can:

  • Pass a large number of excellent highways;
  • Be impetuous, and in addition, do not forget to use your ingenuity to win;
  • Improve your own time of passing and receive awards - medals, they can be bronze, silver and gold;
  • Collect cylinders with nitrogen to activate special features;
  • Uncover the latest trucks;
  • Be the first in the table of the best players;
  • Plunge into incredible gameplay;
  • Taste the real physics of trucks.

Players who decide to Download the game will experience crazy highways, ultra-long-distance horse racing, clear landings, movement along the walls, as well as dead loops on racing cars. Miscalculations and oversights cannot be avoided. Dozens of attempts, hundreds of restarts, endless struggle for thousandths of a second, for one more award, for a place in the final ranking will not let the gamer get bored.

All that is available to owners of Monster Trucks Nitro on Mac OS is twenty-five highways. Of course, among them, especially in the red and black difficulty levels, there are noteworthy ones, but in order to pass them all, without exception, for at least bronze awards, the player will need only one day of continuous play. And then the player can improve their own results, find the perfect line of motion, cutting off those very secret milliseconds.

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  • On INTEL MAC OS X 10.5.8 and GF 8600GTS went fine
Monster Trucks Nitro Mac Game Download
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