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NBA Live 07
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NBA Live 07

Sport / 2006
  • Developer:
    EA Canada
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 2007
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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NBA Live 07 is a sports simulation game for Mac OS. There are 10 modes in this season, some of which have subsections. In the NBA All-Star Weekend, there is a beginner's competition, then there is a competition between masters of three-point throws, then adherents of impressive slamdanks are taken for the action. At the end, a meeting of teams of absolutely all stars takes place on the site. The Freestyle Challenge partly copies the entertainment from the previous mode, but there is no queue and no need to wait for your move: the player and his opponent have two rings where they can simultaneously throw the ball. For beginners who decide to Download the game, there are three auxiliary modes: Individual Practice, Slam Dunk Showdown, and 1 on 1.

The gameplay for the most part focuses not on team play, but on individual strategy. An indicator of this is the composition of the teams, in any club there will be two or three players who have unique opportunities. Tall guys easily push through the opponent's defense and throw passes into the ring, more agile participants "wind" a couple of opponents in a tiny area of ​​the hall at the same time, someone is good at accurate throws from the three-point area, there are basketball players who specialize in picking up the ball after bouncing.

In total, the game characters have 8 distinctive features. Athletes have a combination of abilities. They have every chance to make an interception, and make an intricate pass from behind, and even carry out an accurate throw from an uncomfortable position. Watching the tricks of such professionals is one pleasure, and at the same time the events taking place on the screen do not have much in common with real sports life.

Everything looks extremely captivating: an optimal and comfortable virtual video camera, beautiful repetitions of entertaining moments, and there is something to look at in the menu. While the player adjusts everything according to his own wishes, scenes from real matches are played on the right side of the screen, the screensavers when loading also look very stylish, showing photographs of the heroes of the world basketball arenas.

In NBA Live 07 for Mac OS, the adorable basketball stars seem to be exactly the same as in life, which is a delight. Animations of the face, body movements and other aspects are unique for virtually any athlete. Vigilant people will be able to see these seemingly small details, like tattoos, different skin tones, folds in the form, and including such an inseparable component of every competition as the sweating of an athlete. Still, NBA Live 07 has brought many innovations to the series, and has become more realistic than its predecessors.

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System requirements
  • CPU 1,3 GHZ
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32 MB Video
NBA Live 07 Mac Game Download
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