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Strategy / 2018
  • Developer:
    Shiro Games
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    v 1.3.9868
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  • Interface language:
    Russian, English, MULTI

Inspired by the mythology and history of the ancient Viking tribes, the developers of Northgard for Mac OS have created a wonderful real-time strategy game. In the harsh northern lands, the player will lead a clan of brave Vikings, and build a settlement that can withstand the attacks of any enemies.

After years of dangerous wanderings in the lush northern waters, the Vikings discovered a new land and named it Northgard. It soon became clear that this area was inhabited and the locals were not at all happy with the arrival of strangers. Brave Vikings will have to prove their right to stay in this country and defend their new possessions. Northgard is full of mysteries and ancient secrets that only the oldest skalds remember. The player will have to penetrate the very heart of a mysterious country and learn its dark history.

But in order to make such attacks, it is necessary to build a reliable settlement where people will feel safe. The player will have to deal with the collection of resources, the creation of a formidable army and the development of the infrastructure of the settlement. In these labors, the brave Vikings will be hindered by dangerous beasts and hordes of the living dead, guided by an evil will. Allies can only be the tribes of fierce giants, if we can agree with them. Enemies are cunning and cunning, so the player will have to use all his cunning and ingenuity to defeat the superior enemy forces.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the harsh winters, which can completely exterminate the population of the young city. It is worth remembering the vagaries of the weather when storing large supplies of food. Fishing will not always be able to help in such conditions, so you will have to master hunting, cattle breeding and farming. At the same time, it is necessary to study other skills that can make ordinary warriors a mighty army that instills fear in enemies.

In general, the game on Mac OS turned out to be well-developed and detailed. A separate plus is a well-thought-out and intriguing plot that will not leave the player indifferent. The game is literally imbued with the spirit of the ancient legends of the northerners and their harsh mythology, so history lovers are obliged to Download it. It is worth plunging into the gloomy atmosphere of uncharted lands and helping the clan of brave Vikings in their struggle for survival. After all, when the northerners are sufficiently entrenched on the coast, they will be able to go deep into the ancient land and learn the most intimate secrets of the mysterious country.

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  • Video Card: Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
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