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Crazy Taxi
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Crazy Taxi

Racing / 1999
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In the real world, the task of a taxi driver is to deliver the passenger to the point carefully and on time, but not in the Crazy Taxi game. After all, riding carefully and by the rules is boring.

The player is given the opportunity to work as a taxi driver in San Francisco. Fans of GTA: San Andreas will be lucky enough to ride around the already beloved city again. The peculiarity of the game for Mac OS is that you need to deliver a passenger to your destination quickly. For this, at the end of the trip, the player receives one of four ratings: fast, usually slow, bad.

You can get a rating "fast" only by fully satisfying the client. The passenger should not be bored for a minute during the trip. A rating of "usually" means that you did well during the time, but you were driving too right. "Slowly" means that just a little more and the passenger himself got out of the car and went on foot. The player will earn “Bad” if he forgets about the passenger and starts skating for his pleasure.

You can improve the result by performing all kinds of tricks: jumping over tram tracks, drift, flying off a cliff or ramp, and so on. In this game, riding by the rules will not bring anything good. The city of San Francisco is large, lively and open, which does not always play into the hands, because there is a high probability of losing the route and not earning anything. To prevent such situations, a green arrow is constantly above the machine, indicating the correct road.

If the whole fun race still starts to bother, then you should change the character, there are four of them in the game: a funny guy with green hair, an African American, a nice girl and a man, like from the game "How to Get a Neighbor". Everyone has a special car and driving style. In order to not have time to get bored, the game provides 16 mini-games: for a certain time, breed as many passengers as possible, bursting giant balls, flying from a springboard and much more.

Physics in the game for Mac OS is completely absent. The car is not killed, so you can smash everything and everyone. Water also poses no danger. Feel free to dive in your convertible and enjoy the views. Particular attention can be paid to the musical accompaniment, which creates a certain dynamics, and the gameplay becomes more fun. A funny character animation will not let you feel sad even after a defeat.

Crazy Taxi does not tolerate snails, only a crazy driver can download it, get the highest rank and become the best taxi driver in the area.

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  • OS version: 10.5.6 or later, may work under earlier versions of Leo
  • Processor type(s) & speed: Intel
  • RAM minimum: 1 GB
  • Video RAM: 256 MB
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