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Postal 2: Share the Pain
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Postal 2: Share the Pain

First-person shooter / 2005
  • Developer:
    Running with Scissors
  • Release:
  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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Postal 2 is a first-person shooter on Mac OS with complete freedom of action and variability of passage. The game was able to conquer millions of gamers around the world. An unusual, cheerful, perky project with elements of black humor and satire was released on April 13, 2003. Developed by Running with Scissor. A year later, the Share the Pain expansion came out. Thanks to him, the project has changed significantly. Critics and the media praised the project at its true worth, leaving it with many laudatory reviews and high ratings. Of course, the game is very controversial and sometimes vulgar, but this is what became the main feature.

The developers have added multiplayer and 4 new game modes: capture, bags, fight to the death and team fight to the death.

Capture. The player is given a certain area with two beds on which the girls lie. One of them belongs to the enemy. The goal is very simple - to intercept the girl and carry her to your territory, while defending yourself and shooting the enemy. The process is more than exciting and funny. You need to come up with specific tactics and think over every action.

Bags. There are bags of money scattered across the game map. The purpose of this mode is to collect these bags and protect against opponents who will interfere with movement in every possible way. Here, the gamer is required to be attentive and careful. Opponents will interfere, the map will boil with the movement of players, so every action should be deliberate and logical.

Fight to the death and team fight to the death. This mode is considered classic and, probably, will be familiar to absolutely every gamer. Its essence lies in the destruction of opponents, or a joint battle with the enemy team. For these two modes, you need to show maximum care and accuracy, as well as feel the battle and constantly be one step ahead of the enemy.

In addition to the new modes, the developers at Running with Scissor have worked on graphics improvements and optimizations. The picture has become much more beautiful. A tremendous amount of work has been done on lights, shadows and object details. We fixed old minor bugs, removed bugs and improved performance. The game has become much more pleasant.

Also, new types of weapons and level elements have been added. Thanks to this, the Share the Pain update will be able to surprise the old fans of the game.

Postal 2: Share the Pain for Mac OS is a very controversial project. They love and hate him, many gamers admire his openness and humor, others say that the game is too cruel and vulgar. Probably everyone should Download the game, and make their own choice. There is simply no more such original, unique, independent product on the video game industry market. Postal 2: Share the Pain is able to provide a unique experience, surprise and interest even the most experienced and harsh gamers.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.x
  • >1.5 hz
  • >512 Mb
Postal 2: Share the Pain Mac Game Download
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