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Prince of Persia (2008)
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Prince of Persia (2008)

Action / 2008
  • Developer:
    Ubisoft Montreal
  • Release:
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

Prince of Persia is a relaunch of the series of games about the prince, where the developer radically changed the gameplay and improved the graphics, using the Cell Shading technology. Earlier, even before the release of the game, a variety of project names were used, one of which was Heir Apparent. Ultimately, however, Ubisoft reverted to its current name. It was released on Mac OS in 2008, after Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones was released.


The gameplay has undergone significant changes. Players received an updated combat system that focused on one enemy, unlike other parts of the game series. Here it is necessary to tactically reflect on each movement of the hero: one wrong move and the character will be killed.

It is also noted that most of the actions require the participation of a partner - Eliki. The main part of the gameplay is related to the interaction with this character. During the battle, you can carry out special attacks using it, as well as move to inaccessible locations. Also, if the player falls into the abyss, he will get a second chance to replay this moment, because Elik will save the Prince by teleporting him back with him.

Prince of Persia 2008 practically ceased to resemble the old projects of the series, leaving only the name from it. But in any case, players can Download the game and take part in an exciting adventure of two heroes who will go through many beautiful locations, enjoying the scenery and fighting dangerous opponents.


During a sandstorm, the Prince lost his donkey named Farah. Having found a stranger named Elika during the journey, both heroes are forced to fight their pursuers. And getting rid of them, they went to the temple, which is shaped like a tree.

After going through the path through the desert, they still reach the door, behind which is the villain - Elika's father, who threatens one of the main characters. The prince is forced to fight with him, as a result of which the enemy is defeated. But before his death, he releases the spirit - Ahriman, which begins to sow darkness on the earth. Elika tells that the fertile lands nourish the Tree and must be cleansed of the dark power.

Now the heroes of the game for Mac OS must get rid of the enemy, imprisoning him back until he finally frees himself and seizes complete power over the world. And the player will witness this adventure, having passed a long, but not boring path.

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System requirements
  • OS version: 10.5.6
  • Processor type(s) & speed: Intel Core Duo Processor
  • RAM minimum: 1024 Mb
  • Video RAM: 256 Mb
  • HD space: 8.01 GB
Prince of Persia (2008) Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 8.01 GB
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