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Puzzle / 2008
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EDGE is a video puzzle game for Mac OS. She was released in December 2008. Thanks to its unusual setting and gameplay, game critics and ordinary users warmly welcomed it. Interesting, original gameplay, minimalistic visual style, as well as well-designed sound conquered many gamers around the world.

The essence of the game is very simple. Under control, the player is given a cube that must be brought to the end of the level, while it is desirable to collect all the small colored prisms, they act as in-game points. At the end of each level, a mark is given for passing, it depends on the time spent and the number of collected prisms. The rating is set according to the classical system from "D" to "S". The difficulty of passing is not to get off the edges of the maze, but in the game everyone is trying to reduce the player to this edge: dead ends, moving platforms and much more.

At first, the game may seem pretty simple, but this is a misconception. After completing at least the first 10 levels, the player will encounter a number of problems in his gameplay. It will be necessary to control movement, balance and quickly respond to any situation. EDGE is not worth playing mindlessly, it requires a lot of concentration, restraint and patience. In total, the game has 48 levels, each more difficult than the previous one. At the end, the enemy will appear - a black cube, if you throw it off a cliff and collect all the prisms, the game will open 3 additional levels with increased complexity. The last levels are very difficult and will not be submitted to every player.

The visual part is made in a minimalist style. Absolutely all elements of the game have cubic shapes. In general, everything looks beautiful, simple, but with style. Absolutely all the elements of the labyrinth can change their location and orientation in space. The properties of surfaces are constantly changing, for example, collapsing, or abruptly begin to move. The sound component is made with high quality. The sound does not bother and does not interfere with concentration, but rather contributes to the gameplay.

EDGE on Mac OS must be download by all puzzle lovers. She develops logic, spatial thinking, concentration and speed of thinking. Periodically, such projects are not only interesting, but also useful to play.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6.6
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