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Reckless Racing
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Reckless Racing

Racing / 2011
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Reckless Racing is a racing game developed by Pixelbite and released in 2010. This excellent racing game for Mac OS will help the gamer to completely immerse himself in the world of difficult tracks and drive. Here you can choose any car model from a real racing car to a multi-ton truck. Each vehicle has its own specific control, and therefore requires the development of certain skills.

In addition, the game is complicated by weather conditions, which noticeably affect the driving and the driver's field of vision. Wet asphalt, torrential rain or light nebula can significantly spoil the player's nerves and lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Sometimes skidding can help win the race, so these options need to be considered.

There are several difficulty levels in the game that must be overcome to be considered a real professional. Access to each new level opens after the player reaches a certain level of skill, which is awarded for the successful completion of the races. However, getting these glasses is not as easy as it sounds. The intelligence of the opponents is spelled out quite well, so they will try with all their might to leave the player behind and prevent him from winning the race. Therefore, you should spend some time playing, honing your reflexes and practicing your actions in unforeseen situations.

Over time, all the game nuances will become clear and the player will be able to access the most difficult tracks and unique vehicles. Therefore, you should be persistent in achieving your goals, and not pay attention to minor failures. There are three modes in Reckless Racing, besides the main one, there is a time trial mode and a survival mode. In the latter, the player will have to apply all his skills in order to damage the enemy's car as much as possible and not destroy his own car. This is a rather difficult task that requires some practice, but at the same time, it is the most fun mode of the game, which gives you complete freedom of action.

Reckless Racing for Mac OS will help the player to have fun for hours or days, completely immersing him in the exciting world of racing. The game captivates with its sound effects and visual design, so it has collected numerous positive reviews from players and is recommended by Download. Thanks to such popularity, the creators of the game were able to create add-ons that would further reveal the game world and present new car models to avid racers.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Reckless Racing Mac Game Download
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