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Puzzle / 2008
  • Developer:
    BigFishGames Inc.
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  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
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    Not required
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Sparkle on Mac OS is a classic tracing paper with the familiar Zuma from childhood. This is a casual arcade game in which you need to make balls in a row, preventing them from reaching the end point. This genre is available to all users regardless of age, and is also suitable for almost all device configurations.

Despite its simplicity, the game has a semblance of a plot. Darkness fell on the magical Crowberry forest. With the help of the sling of the spheres, you need to break the balls, collect artifacts and prevent them from being used to awaken the eternal night.

Usually, such projects compensate for the borrowing of game mechanics by the original graphic design. For example, Zuma was inspired by Mayan architecture. Sparkle uses the motives of European fairy tales. The map depicts a forest through which the player travels, passing levels and collecting certain artifacts, the purpose of which should be revealed at the end.

Sparkle for Mac OS is rich in various secrets. They are hidden in the menu, on the map and on other screens. To get them, you need to click in the right place. The difficulty lies in the fact that the Easter eggs are carefully disguised. For finding them, as well as increasing the level of skill, amulets are issued, they serve as amplifiers. You can take them with you and change them before each new level, which allows you to change some parameters at your discretion. You can increase or slow down the speed of the balls, see more balls in the queue, or make it easier to get bonuses. All amulets are given once and remain available until the end of the game.

Bonuses sometimes appear in a number of balls, you can get them by breaking the orbs together with them. They give a variety of effects, which, moreover, have a beautiful graphic design.

The weapon itself is original and interestingly designed. In addition to being the main weapon, it also serves as an information interface. Around the sling there are symbols representing the approach to the end of the level. When they all turn golden, the spheres stop spawning on the board. The smaller circle of symbols indicates the remaining attempts. The following balls are displayed on the body of the gun itself. You can swap the first and second. Unlike the same Zuma, initially two balls are displayed, and with the use of a special amulet three balls.

Statistics carefully records all the achievements of the player who decided to Download the game, from the time of the game to the maximum combo length. In addition to sequential passage of levels, you can select the Challenge and Survival modes.

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  • CPU: G3 400MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB
Sparkle Mac Game Download
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