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Action / 2019
  • Developer:
    Unknown Worlds Entertainment
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  • Version:
    v b61855
  • Platform:
    Apple macOS X
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Subnautica is an adventure and survival simulator from Unknown Worlds Entertainment. A giant spaceship crashes in the waves of an ocean planet after being hit by energy weapons of unknown origin. You, as the only survivor from a small crew, escape in an emergency capsule. It settles on the surface of the water with minor damage against the background of the smoldering wreckage of the Aurora, your former flagship. Get ready for your personal survival or death story in Subnautica on Mac OS.

As a result of the accident, the ship naturally disintegrated into pieces. They are scattered all over the seabed and the first thing that comes to mind is to collect them for spare parts. The rescue camera is equipped with an advanced 3D printer that allows you to create a useful thing from several resources mined from the ocean floor in a matter of seconds. The first and most important tool is the scanner. It allows you to explore the world around you, indicates what resources can be obtained from various underwater plants, deposits of minerals and animals, and also opens blueprints for new pieces of equipment and equipment necessary for speedy progress in the game.

The underwater world in Subnautica is striking at first glance: colorful coral reefs, phosphorescent rays, schools of various exotic creatures, from relatively harmless to formidable predators. Gradually you will learn to recognize them, remember all their habits and habitats. The authors managed to create a diverse, interesting biosphere, the study of which, although not necessary, is very exciting and can take tens of hours. Each time your encyclopedia is updated with a new specimen of an animal, you will experience a strange feeling of merging with the local universe. Over time, you will become completely self-sufficient and go to meet the mysterious depths of the planet, which will gradually reveal its secrets.

In the depths you will meet the remains of some ancient advanced civilization, the mysteries of which will gradually become one of the foundations of the plot accompanying the process of survival and exploring the surroundings. Playing for Mac OS will give you plenty of time to enjoy the local world at your own pace. The authors managed to find a quality compromise between the openness of the world and a linear plot that does not drive the player into a rigid framework. Thanks to this, the local world is literally drawn into itself.

Subnautica is an exciting adventure of a futuristic Robinson in a unique, colorful underwater world. Due to its accessibility and simplicity, the game makes the most of the survival mechanics. This is a modern classic of the genre that everyone can recommend Download.

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System requirements
  • Intel, 64-bit
  • Apple macOS X 10.9 or later
Subnautica Mac Game Download
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