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Adventure / 2017
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    v 1.0
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    Intel only
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Tacoma is a sci-fi adventure game. The authors of the successful "Gone home" did not disappoint, stirring up the stagnant waters of the genre with an interactive piece of art.

In Tacoma on Mac OS, the developers at Fullbright once again showed the world their talent and told a rich story, styling it as a game. Created a micro-story based on a cinematic-quality script, top-end "acting" production and an interesting spicy gameplay. As in any adventure plot, you have to think out a lot, and the gameplay does not last longer than a full-length film.

The game could not escape the natural flaws of the genre. Thanks to the futuristic landscapes of the space station, Tacoma at first glance resembles the virtual reality of Adrift. However, the project is entirely scripted. The main artistic breakthrough here is the division of time into disparate segments. The authors correctly caught the moment with the fact that people do not recognize themselves even from linked biographies, and thanks to the chaotic order of time periods, it is much more natural to introduce players to the main characters.

When different time periods alternate in the game, surprises cannot be avoided. They are presented in a playful and surprisingly understandable way, but they are especially often suggestive. The transience is compensated by the intensity of impressions. Immersed in the fate of the space station's crew of six, the player will no longer be able to tear himself away from the monitor.

Aboard the Tacoma, sailing through the solar system in 2088, the player will have to establish relationships with characters as dynamically as in the movie "Alien." However, in this case, the astronauts are fighting for their lives because of the lack of oxygen, which begins to evaporate from the station after a collision with a space body. In this case, the protagonist is on the ship not in the shoes of one of the members of the suffocating group, but, surprisingly, in the role of a handsome explorer who gets on board within several tens of hours after the disaster.

This is how you get to know the situation "after the fact", which is another great move by the developers. The time shift of the plot gives the game an unforgettable atmosphere, especially after getting to know the AI ​​alone, who was left alone on board.

One is a representative of the universal on-board computers of the future, who simultaneously controls the ship and cooks eggs on the stove. A totally friendly entity, a kind of colleague of digital gentleman Gertie from the movie "Moon", is the main driver of all events on board. Prior to the arrival of the reconnaissance team, he recorded every moment in holographic projections, making the search mission much more intriguing than he had imagined.

Tacoma for Mac OS is not a classic detective adventure. The authors cleverly escaped the narrative by reading obligatory notes and listening to audio messages by reconstructing what happened mainly due to holographic "echoes of the past." Walking around the ship, the heroine enters the marked areas with materialized records of previous events, and the player who decided to Download the game completely holds his breath, captured by the twists and turns of history.

As a result, the fate of astronauts from a spaceship in distress is breathtaking. Tacoma boasts a cinematic storyline and holographic memory mechanics in the original gameplay.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Processor: 1.9ghz processor or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Integrated or discrete graphics card with 1 GB + video memory
  • Disk Space: 11 GB
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