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Deponia Doomsday
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Deponia Doomsday

  • Developer:
    Daedalic Entertainment
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.0.0217
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

In Deponia Doomsday for Mac OS, the planet Deponia is notorious for its huge amount of garbage. This garbage is so much that literally nowhere to put it. Not everyone likes to live in such conditions. Some Deponians have the belief that they will be able to get to Elysium located above - a dream city where everyone will find their happiness. And while some inhabitants of the planet dream of falling into a utopia, others make every possible effort to realize their own dreams. The second is Rufus.

Rufus is a talented inventor, able to create a miracle machine from what is at hand. But the guy does not like the atmosphere of his native world, because of which he makes plans to get into the upper city.

After the recent events connected with Rufus and other inhabitants of Deponia and Elysium, it was decided to wipe Deponia from the face of the Universe. To prevent this from happening, the protagonist decides to confront the Elysians himself. First, the hero manages to overtake the antagonist in the tower, but he explodes it. After which he clones himself and goes to Elysium, where he decides to disrupt the plans of the upper city, even at the cost of his own life.

Miraculously, Rufus manages to survive the explosion. But a young engineer comes to his senses after many years. And during this time, the native world of the protagonist has changed beyond recognition. But these events were a dream. The hero wakes up in his own house. Going out into the street, he stumbles upon a time traveler. The alien asks the inventor for help in preventing some of the tragic events in the history of Deponia.

Now the main character, along with his new traveler, has to go back in time at all the key moments of Rufus's journey to Elysium and attempts to destroy the Depoinius. But now Rufus will have to look at his usual events from a different angle. And all that seemed to the protagonist complex and impassable, has to go through again. The protagonist has to prevent the recurrence of tragic events. But, in an effort to avoid further events and save Deponia, time travelers completely change the time line, and new problems are created.

The gameplay is a typical puzzle on Mac OS, made in the best traditions of classic quests. Inventory, interesting puzzles, mini-games - all this can be found in Deponia Doomsday. This is enhanced by an interesting visual style and ballad soundtrack, for which the Download game is definitely worth it.

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System requirements
  • OS: OS X 10.7
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 Series, Geforce 130 Series with at least 512 MB VRAM
  • Disk Space: 3.5 GB
Deponia Doomsday Mac Game Download
  • Status: Verified
  • Size: 2.56 GB
  • Downloads: 1 322
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