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Europa Universalis 3 Napoleons Ambition Free Full Version on Macbook

Europa Universalis 3 Napoleons Ambition
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Europa Universalis 3 Napoleons Ambition

Strategy / 2007
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    Paradox Development Studio
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    Intel only
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In Europa Universalis 3 Napoleons Ambition on Mac OS, the player will become the head of one of the states of the world. The time interval passes between 1793 and 1820 and includes the Great French Revolution. This sad period in the formation of a European country covers the entire period of the reign of the famous commander Napoleon, born in Corsica. All events of the game take place in accordance with real historical events.

Napoleon managed to create a good economy and an invincible army, thanks to his excellent military and political abilities. The player can play for Revolutionary France in the person of Napoleon or vice versa oppose his rule. It will be no less interesting to play for other European countries, and to see how they managed to survive the period of Napoleon's great campaigns.


  • Extended timelines for gameplay;
  • New reliable game mode;
  • Added new features for units;
  • Improved interface.


This game is an addition, so new types of units, historical figures and states corresponding to the era are added to the main content here. Also added the ability to independently indicate the date of birth for the main characters. Only the most accurate approximation of the events of the game to historical facts remained unchanged.

The player, managing his country, can transfer the capital to another province. This option is available only for rich countries, since it is not cheap by the standards of game currency. This feature will be especially useful for those who are actively engaged in colonization and who try to avoid military clashes in the metropolis.

To improve the economy, a player can destroy and build trade centers. The only limitation is that before you build a new center of trade you need to destroy one of the old ones. This option is beneficial for those who have a large number of trading centers, and there are not enough merchants. Then, by removing unnecessary trading centers, you can increase revenue.

There are three modes in the game for Mac OS: Normal, Historical, and Event. In normal mode, the rules are standard, for example, the ruler dies in battle or dies of old age, but in the historical regime the owner of the throne will change exactly on the date when this happened in real history. The event mode will add variety to the game, for which its Download is definitely worth it.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
  • Intel or PPC G5
  • GeForce 5200, Radeon 9600 or GMA950
  • 64 MB VRAM, 512 MB RAM
  • 700 MB hard disk space
Europa Universalis 3 Napoleons Ambition Mac Game Download
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