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FlatOut 2
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FlatOut 2

Racing / 2006
  • Developer:
    Bugbear Entertainment
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.0.3
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

FlatOut 2 features over 5,000 fully destructible objects on every track, forty deformable parts on every car, and physics-based interaction in racing mode has reached unprecedented heights.

Compared to its predecessor, FlatOut 2 for Mac OS has received numerous improvements and additions. New types of cars have been added to the game, they have doubled, the Career mode has become more difficult, new locations for racing have been added, the number of tracks has also been increased, and the number of mini-games has doubled. There are also new multiplayer modes that allow you to play even more exciting with friends or strangers from the network.

The gameplay only gets crazier with the release of a new part. In almost all races, players are offered the highest awards and many points for various destruction of the track. In addition to concentrating on the competition itself and on the finish line, one must not forget to drive into the cars of rivals, break everything that surrounds the character, put various obstacles on the track and much more.


Ragdoll physics is quite common in the game on Mac OS. For example, during a race, a driver may be thrown out of the car if he hits a wall at high speed. In numerous trick mini-games, the goal is to throw yourself out of the car and complete tasks such as knocking down bowling pins, hitting designated spots with darts, scoring a field goal, or flying through hoops of fire.

Players should use aerobatics to control the driver in flight, but overuse will increase drag, slowing the driver down and possibly preventing them from reaching their intended goal. If the driver misses the target, the players can use a "push". This gives the driver a slight upward impulse and slightly reduces drag. For example, in the Stone Skipping Stunt minigame, players must push when the driver hits the surface of the water to get around the enemy most effectively and reach the distance farthest.

There are even new car classes, with race cars and street racers, to go compete with the typical garbage collection vehicles. To try out new cars, you need to Download the game. Each car in the game has several ratings in categories such as speed, acceleration, strength, weight, etc. And all of these categories can be upgraded with new parts in the career mode.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.6.6. or older
  • At least 4 gb on HDD
FlatOut 2 Mac Game Download
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