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Gangstar: Miami Vindication
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Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Action / 2010
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Gangstar: Miami Vindication for Mac OS takes place in Miami, where the player will play as a middle-aged man named Johnny Gainesville, who must rescue his younger brother, who was held hostage by a criminal cartel. In order to free him, it is required to deal with crime in five districts of the city.

The game is created in the style of action, there are chases and shootings, an arsenal of weapons varies from a pistol to a Molotov cocktail, the choice of vehicles is from motorcycles to a jet ski and a helicopter. The city is represented by a huge map consisting of five dangerous areas.

Beatings, shootings, foul language and car thefts are what awaits the user in the game. Human life in the game is worthless, and the character's moral compass is slightly broken.


  • Interesting criminal plot;
  • Bright graphics;
  • Realistic image of the map.


The game develops against the backdrop of well-drawn graphics of warm, beautiful and sun-drenched Miami. The open game world has been accurately sketched from a real landscape, which makes the game realistic and interesting and makes it Download. It is also worth noting the smooth change of day and night and weather conditions.

For a normal existence, the character must earn money, for this he can work as a taxi or ambulance driver. Over time, when the character starts earning more money, it can be spent on replenishing health, buying weapons, renting a car and even bribing law enforcement officers.

As you progress through the game on Mac OS, you will be offered various tasks that must be completed, such as chasing, shooting, or spying on someone. The game consists of five chapters filled with a gripping storyline and memorable characters. A special feature of this game's gunfights is the cover system and touch-aiming.

When controlling movement, when the character is walking, the virtual analog stick located in the lower left corner is used, and when controlling for transport, an accelerometer, which looks like a semicircle or a horizontal slider. There are tasks that help expand the choice of transport, for example, if you collect ten surfboards, jet skis will appear, and a collection of ten wheels will give the player an armored sports car with very fast acceleration and high strength. After completing all missions, including races, the player can change his character from Johnny to Betty.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
Gangstar: Miami Vindication Mac Game Download
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