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Lineage II High Five
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Lineage II High Five

RPG / 2014
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    English, Russian

Lineage II is a multiplayer RPG for Mac OS. The game was released on October 1, 2003 in South Korea and is a prequel to the first game. After some time, it spread throughout the world. High Five is another update released in 2010. The new version has added a lot of innovations and changes to the gameplay.


Gameplay in Lineage II High Five is quite unique. Most of the other developers are still using the chips that appeared in Lineage II High Five:

  • The system of crafting various items;
  • The presence of various clans created by players;
  • Massive battles;
  • A unique system of quests and rewards for them;
  • Unusual combat system;
  • Character customization. Clothes that will look different on everyone;
  • Availability of a unique political system, which is similar to feudalism;
  • Hunting for various animals;
  • Team raids against bosses of varying difficulty.

The story is set on the continent of Aden. The wars of the gods and the creation of new races are a thing of the past. The world has calmed down and found harmony. Each player is free to create their own story. The main game currency is "Adena". Some races have an advantage when trading. The game has a large number of cities with castles of clans. They are needed to collect interest from retail outlets. Only another clan can win them back, he needs to win in the siege of the castle, thereby taking possession of the city.

The game for Mac OS has a familiar third-person view. The user initially has access to almost the entire territory, with the exception of a few locations.

The visual style is a bit dated, but it is still done in the spirit of Asian games. Massive battles make up for some of the shortcomings. Musical accompaniment complements the gameplay. Each location has its own composition that conveys the nature of the environment.

Interaction with other players is possible thanks to the multiplayer. The user can Download the game, participate in large-scale wars and even unleash them on their own. But also, each player has every right to just relax in the bar, listening to the stories of the bard. The communication system is simple and convenient. The presence of clans and team raids only leads to the rallying of certain players. Despite the large number of users, the game has no technical problems. Also, there is practically no system of donation services, making character leveling more fair.

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Lineage II High Five Mac Game Download
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