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Sandbox / 2007
  • Developer:
    Eric "Badspot" Hartman
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  • Version:
    v 1.6
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Blockland is a sandbox game in which players build and play using lego-like building blocks. The game has a single and multiplayer mode. Blockland was developed by Eric Hartman, Anthony Ratondo and Ben Garney.

Unfortunately, it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Lego brand. The game was officially released on December 16, 2013. She immediately acquired a large fan base, and all thanks to almost unlimited possibilities. At some point, all game critics predicted an unprecedented success for the project and called Blockland the killer of Minecraft.

As stated earlier, Blockland on Mac OS is an open-world sandbox that gives players the freedom to design and construct complex objects. Game characters look like mini figures. The blocks used by gamers look like they are lego figures. The buildings themselves are made in single or multiplayer mode. Absolutely any player can create a server accommodating up to 100 players. The developers also tried on the properties of the blocks, they differ in their structure and parameters. Blocks can be luminous, mirror, used for simple buildings, or more complex, for example, for the manufacture of a car or aircraft.

Blockland also has non-player characters, weapons, destructible vehicles, and a mini-game system. All this allows users to create new modes that diversify an already unique project. Modes can vary, for example, from Deathmatch to full-fledged games such as RPG or survival with zombies. In addition to all this, in this project there is a complete destructibility of objects. Interestingly, even though the project was released in 2013, you can find many gaming communities on the Internet that add completely new features and extensions to the game. Gamers are still working on creating new vehicles, blocks, modes and mini-games.

Of course, this game for Mac OS can hardly be called a replacement for Minecraft. This is especially significant, since large amounts of money were not allocated for the development of the project. Eric Hartman declared war on Lego and the entire gaming world and won. Blockland looks great even in 2020, a unique visual style contributes to this. If someone has long been looking for a sandbox in which you can do almost anything, then he definitely should Download it. The main thing is not to chase realistic graphics and new-fangled gaming trends.

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System requirements
  • 800 mhz cpu
  • 512mb ram
  • 32mb openGL compatible video card
Blockland Mac Game Download
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