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True Crime Streets Of L.A.
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True Crime Streets Of L.A.

Action / 2003
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True Crime Streets Of L.A. for Mac OS is an open-world third-person shooter from Luxoflux, published by Activision on November 3, 2003.


The protagonist is Nick Kang, a Chinese American police officer, a legendary crime fighter who achieves success by any means. He was suspended from service for insubordination during an operation. However, he is soon called back and transferred to the elite EOD division. A criminal showdown began in the city, threatening to escalate into a war of groups. Nick begins to investigate this, and reveals that the Triad, the Russian mafia and a large amount of counterfeit banknotes are involved.

Game process

The story is set in meticulously recreated neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. You can move freely on them. Numerous vehicles have been implemented. New cars can be won in races or commandeered from residents. Each car has not only a unique appearance, but also technical characteristics.

Many decisions made by the player who decided to Download the game change karma. Its indicator affects the attitude towards the character and leads to one of three endings.

On the streets, crimes of various scales are constantly committed. On the spot, there may be two girls who did not share something, or hardened bandits who are ready to provide armed resistance. Interestingly, killing criminals is not recommended. It is much more profitable to save your life and get a plus to your reputation. Often for a successful arrest, it is enough to show a badge or shoot in the air. If that doesn't stop the attacker, you can use your fists or shoot the knee. The brave policeman is a master of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and does not miss the opportunity to use the skills.

The main missions are also diverse: you will have to take part in the chases and take the bank by storm. The passage is non-linear and depends on the results of the completion of tasks and the rating. All this speaks about a good level of replayability.

Achievement in True Crime Streets Of L.A. on Mac OS, bonus points are given, which are spent on treatment, repair and pumping. Development takes place through training. In total, three skills are presented for mastering: driving, shooting and fighting. To obtain an additional skill, you must complete a special mini-game. This can be done only once. Failure means losing your chance.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS X version 10.2.8
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 3 GB hard disk space
  • 32MB video RAM (Radeon 8500 or GeForce2 MX or better)
True Crime Streets Of L.A. Mac Game Download
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