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Worms: Armageddon
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Worms: Armageddon

Strategy / 1999
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    English, Russian

Worms: Armageddon is the third part of the saga, started in 1995 by Team 17 Software. The game follows a traditional layout and is again a humorous 2D turn-based strategy game in which groups of worms fight to the death.

The concept of Worms: Armageddon for Mac OS is very simple. On a 2D arena, squads of four worms meet and begin a deadly battle. Using more or less conventional weapons and gadgets, they try to destroy all opponents. This can be done in two ways: by removing life points completely or by drowning the enemy in the endless ocean at the bottom of each map. Battles are turn-based and may differ in rules and the available set of weapons, depending on the mode chosen by the players.

For the third part, the creators have prepared a number of new elements. The list of weapons has expanded with a flamethrower, grenade launcher and freezer. The set also includes the iconic bazooka, ultrasound, banana bomb, grenade and an angry cow. Players have also received many more customization items for their worm squads. In Armageddon, you can choose one of eighteen new voices and a number of items related to different countries and cultures, as well as choose a special weapon for the team, which is activated some time after the start of the battle.

Worms: Armageddon allows up to four players who decide to Download the game to compete in a multiplayer game, on the same screen or over the network. Each of the participants can lead their own squad of deadly worms. The authors made sure that the project is fully playable not only in multiplayer mode, but also provides solo players with something like a campaign in which you need to complete certain tests. The most seasoned fans of the series will be able, in turn, to test the deathmatch mode, in which the player-controlled team faces increasingly powerful and better-armed squads, led by artificial intelligence.

Creation of Team 17 Software is designed in a humorous, cartoon style. Individual maps and models of worms are executed in 2D. Eleven new soundtracks have been prepared for Worms: Armageddon on Mac OS, containing approximately sixty minutes of music.

Despite the lack of innovation and the fact that these are just good old worms in new clothes, there are still certain improvements and there are quite a few of them. Also worth noting are more beautiful graphics and new insane weapons.

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System requirements
  • Mac Os X 10.5 or 10.6 and higher
  • Intel Core Duo 2 processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space
  • 128 MB of video memory
Worms: Armageddon Mac Game Download
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