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Yuppie Psycho
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Yuppie Psycho

Adventure / 2019
  • Developer:
    Baroque Decay
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.1.0
  • Platform:
  • Tablet:
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

Yuppie Psycho is an adventure video game with elements of psychological horror. The project for Mac OS was released on April 25, 2019. It was developed by the small studio Baroque Decay, and the publisher was taken over by Another Indie. Critics and the media were initially very skeptical about the game, because it is strange to say the least. The visual style, gameplay and the plot itself are quite unusual. But the project gained popularity and received many good reviews and positive reviews.

The plot of the game tells the story of a guy named Pasternak. The guy got a job of his dreams in an innovative company. To this day he walked for a long time, and his joy knew no bounds. But, as always happens, everything turned out to be not so smooth and colorful. The company in which he got a job collaborates with an evil witch. In return for her knowledge and magic, she tortures the consciousness of employees, mocks them in every possible way and brings them mental pain. Now Pasternak must show his best qualities so as not to bend before the influence of evil forces. On the very first working day, he is obliged to fight for his life and his future.

Yuppie Psycho's gameplay is about exploring company details, interacting with employees, and fighting dark forces. Parsnip must make the right decisions and not break under the pressure of the witch. The gamer will explore the world of the game, solve puzzles, explore the hidden corners of the company and help its employees.

It's worth noting right away that Yuppie Psycho is a pretty difficult game. It will not be easy to understand it, and you will have to think about some points. She is able to scare and drive into a dead end, and she will scare the story and atmosphere, and not typical screamers for the genre.

It is even more surprising that the graphics in the project are pixelated and do not pretend to be realistic at all, but the presentation of the plot is excellent. The gamer will be imbued with history, he will worry about the fate of the hero and other employees.

Yuppie Psycho on Mac OS is a great example of how big money is not the foundation of a good game. The developers at Baroque Decay proved it, they made an incredible game that can capture the mind and not let go until the very end.

Yuppie Psycho is a distinctive project unlike any other video game of our time. Gameplay, presentation, graphics, plot, everything is done with maximum creative creativity. It can be recommended Download to everyone who likes to spend their time playing unusual and unique games.

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System requirements
  • OS: OS X Yosemite (64bit)
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Video card: Integrated GPU supporting OpenGL on the system
  • Disk Space: 2 GB
Yuppie Psycho Mac Game Download
  • Status: Verified
  • Size: 2.01 GB
  • Downloads: 2 311
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