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AeroFly Pro Deluxe
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AeroFly Pro Deluxe

Simulation / 2006
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    Intel only
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    English, Russian

AeroFly Pro Deluxe is an excellent simulator for Mac OS, with which a beginner can learn the basics of piloting in a short time. Many air amateurs want to buy their own radio-controlled aircraft or helicopter, but they fear that without proper preparation, they will simply smash an expensive model. This game allows you to practice and learn the basics.

As the player's skill level increases, he will be able to master more complex aerobatics. The simulator has a clear interface and many tips that will greatly speed up the learning process. The developers specifically tried to make their creation understandable to most users, and even a child can use it.

There are more than seventy models of various aerial vehicles in the game, and the user will surely find what is most interesting to him. The features of each type of aircraft are worked out at a high level and fully correspond to the real flight characteristics of the model, so training will take place with maximum efficiency. And so that the user is not tired of the monotony of the gameplay, the application has a dozen different landscapes, made with a high level of realism. Therefore, the player will be able to fully enjoy the training against the background of the area he likes.

Separately, it is worth noting a good study of weather effects, which the user will have to meet in real control. Sun glare and light nebula can significantly complicate the control process, therefore, such factors must be constantly remembered. And the characteristic whistle of wind or peals of thunder add realism to what is happening on the monitor. In addition, AeroFly Pro Deluxe for Mac OS provides the development of your own unique aircraft models. The user will be able to create their own aircraft and test it on the simulator before trying to assemble such a model on their own.

Among other things, there is a multiplayer mode for playing on one device, and several tournaments. This greatly increases interest in AeroFly Pro Deluxe and allows you to spend time with like-minded people. We can say that this simulator is one of the most elaborated and thought-out in this area, so it's worth Download.

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System requirements
  • It was done on:
  • MacBook Pro 2.4 / 4Gb / GF8600M GT
  • OS X 10.6.8
  • XQuartz 2.6.3
  • WineSkin WS7WineCXG10.0
AeroFly Pro Deluxe Mac Game Download
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