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Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars Free Full Version on Macbook

Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars
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Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars

Adventure / 2008
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    v 1.0
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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    Russian, English, MULTI

Broken Sword is a Mac OS action-adventure video game from Revolution Software. There are five parts in the series. Return of the Templars is the fifth episode and aired on September 28, 2008.


The main characters in history are American George Stobbart and Frenchwoman Nicole Collard. By chance, they will become detectives. Each part tells a different story. Each time a couple unravels and opposes the plans of some conspirators. Return of the Templars takes place two weeks after the completion of the first chapter. The journalist continues her work in Paris, while her friend returns to America. Suddenly, George receives a message about the death of the girl, which pushes him to go to investigate the incident. Upon arrival, Nicole is alive, but not at all happy about his arrival. It turns out that the Knights Templar has been revived and is again plotting.

Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars for Mac OS has no direct relationship with past games. You can often find references or references to those events, but to fully understand what is happening, it is not at all necessary to go through all the parts.

Game process

Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars is a classic point & click adventure. The player controls the character, exploring the environment, interacting with interactive elements and NPCs. The characters are colorful and interesting. Sparkling humor has not gone anywhere. The protagonist is not stingy with comments and sarcastically responds to actions and commands.

You will have a chance to visit both familiar and new locations. Friends travel to bars, streets and even visit other countries. There are also enough new acquaintances. The main element, in tribute to the traditions of the genre, again became puzzles. There are practically no difficult riddles, and all of them are solved in accordance with logic. If you need to make a master key from a hair clip to open the lock, then you can find it in the nearest women's handbag. It is worth paying attention to what surrounds the character, the setting will often prompt the right decision. Meanwhile, sometimes death awaits around every corner, and this does not necessarily happen in an extreme situation.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye and pleases with their colorfulness and elaboration, so we recommend Download adventures. The dialogues are voiced with high quality, with deliberately enhanced national characteristics for comic relief. There are screensavers in 3D.

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Broken Sword 2.5: Return of the Templars Mac Game Download
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