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Gray Matter
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Gray Matter

Adventure / 2010
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    Intel only
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In Gray Matter's plot for Mac OS, neuroscientist David and street magician Samantha will have to deal with anomalous phenomena. During the game, the main characters will have to carry out medical research, which is very similar to real ones.

After launching the game, the splash screen shows the magician Samantha, who is heading to the center of London on her bike. But strong gusts of wind change the direction of the road sign, as a result, the girl goes in the other direction. Her motorcycle stalled, and Samantha has no choice but to enter the manor by the Dred Hill road. Samantha hid in the yard, and after a while a taxi drives up to the house, from which the girl gets out, repeating every moment that she is the new doctor's assistant. But she does not have time to reach the destination. The fact is that near the gate the assistant is covered with a strange shadow, and the girl disappears as if she never existed. To get into the mansion, Samantha is forced to say that she is the new assistant.

Samantha wanted to escape, but the plans were not implemented due to Stella Dalton. Mrs. provides breakfast, along the way outlining the functional responsibilities of the assistant. Samantha is attracted by the £ 200 a month salary, so she mentally agrees to continue her assistant role.

The first task was that Samantha needed to find 6 volunteers to conduct a special experiment. The girl decided to try her luck in Oxford, and in a special store for magicians she ran into Mephistopheles. He is a seller in the specified institution, and informs Samantha that she can get to Daedalus, that is, the most popular club of illusionists. But for this in Gray Matter on Mac OS, she will need to complete several tasks.

She receives an exclusive machine that stores a ticket with a riddle. To solve it, Samantha goes to the Carfax tower. In it, she finds a box with a piece of the rebus she needs and an image of the coat of arms. It turns out that the coat of arms represents one of the country's colleges. Thus, she spends several days looking for tips to join an elite club, and along the way, looking for people to conduct the doctor's experiments. For a long time she could not find a single volunteer. But with the help of the acquired skills of an illusionist, she gathers the necessary team to conduct an experiment. After recruiting volunteers, the doctor hypnotizes them and asks them to imagine themselves on an elite college treadmill in an open field. But something unusual began to happen on the real treadmill. All these adventures await those who click Download the game.

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  • MacBook Pro 2.4-4-GF8600M GT The problem is noticed while one - wine crashes when exiting through the menu.
  • Mac OS X 10.6.5
  • XQuartz 2.5.3
  • Hard disk space: 6.5 GB
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