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Worms Reloaded
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Worms Reloaded

Strategy / 2010
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Worms Reloaded is a turn-based strategy game for Mac OS with platforming and arcade elements. The project was released on August 26, 2010. It was developed by the Team17 studio. The game belongs to the well-known Worms series. The project did not leave the canons of the series and adopted the best mechanics of the previous parts. Critics and ordinary gamers appreciated the efforts of the developers, and the popular media gave the video game positive ratings and left laudatory reviews.

The gameplay of this series is known, probably, to every gamer. The player controls a squad of battle worms, in the arsenal of which there are many guns and grenades. The goal is simple - to destroy the enemy in any way. The gamer decides for himself how he will deal with the enemy squad. Worms Reloaded allows you to blow up the enemy, throw them out of the battlefield, commit suicide with them, or lower them to the bottom of the map.

The squad has many fancy guns in its arsenal: an exploding banana, a kamikaze set, a boxing glove, a sheep, a drill, and more. The map on which the battles are fought has complete destructibility. It can literally be completely erased without leaving a trace. This mechanic spawns different tactics.

The graphics in the game have reached a new level, for which its Download is definitely worth. The style has remained the same, but the detailing of objects, animation of worms, explosions and shots, all of this is drawn with the utmost scrupulousness and diligence on the part of the artists. The game looks nice and modern. The sound has also been reworked, now it is much juicier and more interesting. It is non-distracting and perfectly complements the overall atmosphere.

Worms Reloaded is a humorous game. It is fun to play, especially with friends. The comments of the worms, their falls and the general atmosphere of what is happening on the screen makes you smile. There are elements of black humor mixed with funny drawings and animation.

That being said, Worms Reloaded on Mac OS is quite demanding on the gamer's skills. To win, you need to come up with various tactics, assess the situation, learn how to hit enemies and calculate the range of projectiles. Several matches should be devoted to studying all the mechanics and subtleties of weapons.

Worms Reloaded is a fun and incredibly entertaining video game. The cult classics in a new light and with updated gameplay will appeal to absolutely every gamer.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6
  • Intel processor
  • Video memory: 128 Mb
Worms Reloaded Mac Game Download
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