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Simulation / 2009
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    v 5.4.006
  • Platform:
    Intel only
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    Not required
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    English, Russian

ZDSimulator is a railway simulator for Mac OS, created by an independent Ukrainian studio, as an alternative to Microsoft Train Simulator. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Usov is engaged in the development of the software, graphic and sound parts.

Game process

The project is aimed primarily at people related to Russian Railways and can be used as a virtual simulator for training future train drivers. The routes are built based on the real railway networks of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

For beginners, there is an easy mode with tips and simplified controls. Each locomotive has a unique, three-dimensional cockpit, with operational instruments and an interactive panel. All necessary units and operations are monitored from the driver's seat. All technical specifications correspond to reality. The developer does not stop working on his creation, and regularly releases patches and additions that add new routes, stations, scenarios, cars, locomotives and color options for them.

Unlike Western counterparts, the ZDSimulator park on Mac OS initially consists of samples from the CIS countries. At the moment, the following equipment is available for control: VL11m-098, VL80T-1854, VL80t-1155, VL80t-1293, VL80t-950, ChS4, ChS4 KVR, 2ES5k, ChS2k, ChS4t, ChS7, ChS8, VL11m, VL80t, VL82m VL85, EP1m, M62, TEP70, 2TE10U, TEM18DM, TEP70BS. For each of them, an internal space and visualization of electrical circuits are realized.

There is a script mode. It has to carry out the route, observing the schedule and cope with emerging malfunctions. Breakdowns reflect the reality of operation as much as possible and require adequate solutions. Often during the repair process, you have to refer to the above schemes. There are many additional stories available on the project's official website.

The graphics, although very outdated, honestly depict the models of cars and locomotives, stations, tracks, forests and fields look naturalistic. There are people on the platforms, and the interchanges and the entire infrastructure have been worked out in detail. Considering the specifics, the physics engine is more important for such a project than a beautiful picture.

The behavior of a train directly depends on the length, load, weather conditions and the type of traction vehicle. The dynamic change of weather and time of day also affects the driving process. Thus, ZDSimulator is ideal for preparing and teaching Russian Railways students who are encouraged to Download it.

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System requirements
  • A processor of at least 2 GHz, preferably 2 cores or more
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D video card with a memory of at least 512 MB
ZDSimulator Mac Game Download
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