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Production Line
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Production Line

Simulation / 2018
  • Developer:
    Positech Games
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.61
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

Production Line is a detailed simulator of the creation and production of cars on Mac OS, developed by the British company Positech Games. The user will have to act as the head of a factory that specializes in vehicles, and embark on the path of struggle for the attention of buyers with the same factories, improving the products.


  • The production process is worked out in a very detailed and realistic way, all the technical properties of the parts placed inside the vehicle are taken into account;
  • The developers have introduced a view of statistics that allows you to conduct analytics and think over the most effective approach to production;
  • In addition to the development process, it will be necessary to think over the actions that affect the getting nailed, and the competitiveness of the user.


The essence of the gameplay is the development of vehicles. However, in addition to the player's company, there are others that compete - here begins the struggle for the attention of buyers, in order to become a winner, it is necessary to improve the manufactured products, adjusting to the needs of people.

In Production Line for Mac OS, the user will be responsible for the whole plant: it will be necessary to analyze the competition, identify flaws and draw up a strategy so that every second driver has the player's cars, as well as control each stage of the car assembly, starting with the appearance and ending with various technical characteristics. In general, we have to do everything that will improve the quality of products and bring profit.

At the beginning of the Production Line, the user is given a small amount of land on which the entire vehicle manufacturing business is deployed. However, after painstaking work, the size of the plant will increase, respectively, it will bring more profit and more opportunities for product improvement.

An important part of the gameplay is reducing the cost of purchased parts for vehicles, as well as optimizing the production process so that all work goes smoothly and efficiently. A flexible editor allows you to create new brands that can compete with other car manufacturers. To start making a car, click Download game.

Game mechanics allow you to replenish staff by acquiring new workers, there is the possibility of drawing up a work schedule for them, as well as many other functions that allow you to customize the work of staff for yourself.

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System requirements
  • 4 gb ram
  • 2 gb disk
Production Line Mac Game Download
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