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Minesweeper 2.6
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Minesweeper 2.6

Puzzle / 2009
  • Developer:
    Winmine Ported by Sweec
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 2.6
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    Is present
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Minesweeper 2.6 is a new version of the legendary educational tactical game for Mac OS. Continue to evolve by solving complex problems and performing the necessary calculations. Unlock new cells free from mines and let the brave sapper complete the game. It is worth carefully considering each move, because the sapper has only one chance and you should not dispose of his life in vain. At first, this game seems rather difficult, because the player has only one attempt, and there is no save mode. However, over time, the gameplay drags on the beginner, and he can no longer break away from the next game, trying to find the only correct solution.

The game perfectly develops visual memory, which helps in solving most everyday and work tasks. In addition, it makes you think before making an important decision and develops the foresight in the player, which is necessary for every person. There are several difficulty modes in the game and this will help you gradually immerse yourself in the gameplay. Before playing on maximum difficulty, where the sapper has to find almost a hundred mines, you can try simpler modes and prepare yourself for future difficulties. In addition to the flags that mark detected mines, there are markers that can be used to mark potentially dangerous fields.

Despite the seeming simplicity, Minesweeper 2.6 is thought out in some detail and rarely puts the player in desperate situations when he has to take an action relying on intuition, and not on sober calculation. Basically, beginners who do not see a way out of the current situation find themselves in such situations and prefer to act at random. However, in most of these situations, there is a correct solution to the problem and it takes some time to find it. This requires the use of markers that indicate potentially dangerous fields, and perform mathematical calculations, trying to find out the location of the mine.

In general, we can say that the game on Mac OS has become wildly popular as soon as it appeared on the computer. However, over time, interest in it subsided, and only dedicated fans continued to play it. But now the game is experiencing a second wave of popularity and is once again winning the sympathy of thousands of players around the world. Therefore, it is worth download the game and testing your knowledge of logic and mathematics by running it on your computer.

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  • Mac OS X 10.5+
Minesweeper 2.6 Mac Game Download
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