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Simulation / 2016
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Orwell is a calm, intriguing and exciting series of detective games. The series includes several episodes united by a plot. The first part on Mac OS was released in 2016 and was called Keeping an Eye on You, and the last was Ignorance is Strength, released in 2018. The action takes place at the desktop of an in-game computer, as if describing the entire modern society, the introduction of the Internet, social networks and impunity into it. Developed by Osmotic Studios, released by Fellow Traveler on October 27, 2016.

Game process

The gameplay consists of five intertwined episodes full of unexpected twists, in each of which the main character conducts an investigation, collecting material evidence and materials and the like.

The game is single-player, where the gamer is given an in-game desktop divided into two parts. On the left is a case and dossier window, on the right is a browser with news, chat and a hacking window. The player's goal is to carefully study everything that is on this desktop, making certain conclusions based on what was studied, which can be both true and incorrect - it all depends on the user's attentiveness. Each action has its own consequences that strongly influence the plot. A distinctive feature of the game was the presence of several endings, which depend only on the choices made by the player.

The mechanics include scrolling feeds, using a large number of tabs and keywords in texts, watching videos, hacking and reading correspondence to compile case materials, searching for evidence, and so on. To become a detective, you only need to Download the game.


Orwell for Mac OS takes place in the fictional state of Nation, where the Security Act was passed, which allows the government to spy on and invade the lives of absolutely all citizens of the country.

The player plays the role of an investigator of one of the privileged groups of the authoritarian system in this state, whose main goal is to manipulate facts on social networks and on other sites.

During the passage, the user will be given a choice: to work for the state or to help people. In this structure, these choices contradict each other very much, so sitting on two chairs will not work for a long time. Each branch of the character's actions will have its own risks that affect the ending of the game.

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System requirements
  • 2.0 GHz CPU
  • 4 GB
  • OpenGL 3.2+
  • 3 GB
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