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Quake 3
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Quake 3

First-person shooter / 1999
  • Developer:
    id Software
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.36+OSP+CPMA+HD
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  • Tablet:
    Not required
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Quake 3 is a first-person shooter from Id Software. The project was released on December 2, 1999 and was published by Activision. The third part on Mac OS differs from previous games in the series by the absence of a full-fledged single-player mode and focusing on PvP battles.


Vadrigar is a mysterious alien race that has built an arena for gladiator battles, where he sends the best warriors in the world. The gladiator must not only defeat all his rivals, but also defeat Ziro, the Arena Champion.

The path starts from the zero link. Defeating other warriors in the arena, the warrior increases the level of his link. On the last, seventh link, the gladiator fights against the champion. After winning, Zero turns into a statue.

Game process

In single player mode, you will have to fight with bots. This option is more of an introduction to mechanics and weapons. The goal is to complete the links. Each link has four cards, except for the first and last. There are seven links in total.

Artificial intelligence is rather weak, which is compensated by the number of opponents and the dynamics of the firefights. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of multiplayer. Battles do not require thoughtful tactical decisions, it all depends on the reaction, knowledge of the cards and the characteristics of each barrel. There are four modes to choose from: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, One-on-One Tournament, Capture the Flag.

Fighters in arenas have access to six different amplifiers, having won which the player who decides to Download the shooter gets a significant advantage for a while:

  • "Increased damage". The blue logo increases the damage done by three times;
  • "Flight". The purple bird bonus allows you to fly;
  • "Speed". The lightning bolt significantly speeds up movement speed;
  • "Regeneration". Restores health up to two hundred units;
  • "Invisibility". The fighter temporarily becomes invisible;
  • "Armor". Reduces damage taken by three times. Allows acid movement and protection from blast waves.

The arsenal of weapons consists of ten different weapons. Each weapon has its own characteristics, features and unique design. There are many skins available to give your character a unique look.

The maps are very diverse and have an unusual setting. Locations are built on a multi-level scheme, have a lot of secret points and positions for shooting at opponents. The Quake 3 engine for Mac OS allows artisans to create modifications, thanks to which there are many additional modes, murder weapons, locations and much more.

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System requirements
  • Core2Duo 1.8
  • 256 MB
  • MacOS Lion/Tiger
Quake 3 Mac Game Download
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