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Queen's Wish: The Conqueror
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Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

RPG / 2019
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    Spiderweb Software
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    v 1.0
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Queen's Wish: The Conqueror is a video game from the developers of Spiderweb Software. This is a single player role-playing game for Mac OS, set in a fantasy world. The project was released in 2019 and became the first in the planned series.


The main character is the youngest heir to the royal family of the Kingdom of Haven. After the Queen decides that her offspring is already an adult, she sends him to a forgotten colony on the edge of the empire. Now they expect him to confirm that he is strong enough and loyal to the crown. To do this, you need to return the lands that once belonged to the crown.

The queen expects you to work for the good of the empire, but it is not at all necessary to follow the queen's orders, you can go your own way. The story is not linear and involves different options for the passage and endings. The developer promises to continue the story in the next projects of the series.

Game process

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror for Mac OS is executed in 2D graphics with a top view. Haven's world is huge. It is filled with settlements, fortresses, plains and dungeons. The prince or princess is sent to a remote colony that does not obey the laws of the kingdom. The main goal is to prove your strength. The path is chosen by the player. There are many factions operating in the world, interaction with which also implies variability. The methods depend only on the decision of the player. You can achieve the goal by negotiation or take your own by force.

The path begins with setting up a character - gender, name and appearance. At the beginning, the hero has cheap weapons, armor and three battalions of soldiers at his disposal. The heir travels with a detachment of loyal comrades. Each warrior in the squad performs his task, someone fights in close combat, another attacks with arrows, the third casts spells to heal, protect, strengthen his comrades or to attack the enemy. To develop and build up your power, you should Download RPG, and start building forts. In the fort, you can change the talents of your hero and his companions. The correct distribution of skills plays a decisive role in battles.

A significant part of the gameplay is occupied by the collection of resources that are required to build and improve fortresses. In battle, tactics play an important role. A competent choice of abilities and well-placed soldiers on the battlefield ensure victory. In total, about fifty different abilities are available for mastering. You can arm yourself with both familiar weapons like a sword, bow, ax, and magic. The character develops his skills as he levels up. Experience points are awarded for completing quests, of which there are more than a hundred in Queen's Wish: The Conqueror.

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Queen's Wish: The Conqueror Mac Game Download
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