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Reckless Getaway
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Reckless Getaway

Racing / 2011
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    v 1.0.5
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    Intel only
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Reckless Getaway is a game from Polarbit that was released in 2011. If you have messed up affairs and are wanted, the only option is to hide from the police. Reckless Getaway on Mac OS will give the player a unique chance to feel in the shoes of a criminal and get to know the criminal world from the inside. But in order to stay free, you need to constantly be on the alert and one step ahead of the police.

The player will have to constantly hide in a car from the chase and not get caught in the numerous traps that the servants of the law set. To do this, you need to get hold of a better car and thoroughly study the location on which the action will develop.

The game, which can be download here, has a huge selection of all kinds of cars from formula one cars to an ice cream truck to a fire truck. The gameplay looks incredibly dynamic and will not let the player get bored even for a second. In order to escape from the chase, the player will have to take risky actions and take desperate measures. For example, you can fly over a river using a springboard or ram a truck so that it blocks the road to pursuers. Part of the surrounding landscape is destructible and this should not be forgotten when choosing the path to salvation.

With Reckless Getaway for Mac OS, you don't have to rely on accurate driving and traffic compliance. Everything is decided by the speed, the player's reaction and a certain amount of luck, which often helps where all other skills fail. As an additional help to the player, the developers have created several bonuses that will help you break away from the chase or throw your pursuers to the sides. Bonuses are not easy to find as they appear in different parts of the location, but any of them will be a valuable addition in the struggle for your own freedom. In addition, each car has its own specific qualities, for example, by choosing a tractor, the player can safely withstand any collisions and continue to move.

A separate plus should be noted the complete openness of the levels, which will allow the player to enjoy long chases in a previously unknown area and spend many hours mastering a new location. During the passage of this game, time flies by and allows the player to feel a surge of cheerfulness and good mood after successfully completing the next difficult stage.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Reckless Getaway Mac Game Download
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