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Red Faction: Guerrilla
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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Shooter / 2009
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    Russian, English, MULTI

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a third-person shooter developed by Volition, Inc. The plot of the game on Mac OS develops fifty years after the Earth Defense Forces saved the Martian colonists from the oppression of a brutal corporation. It seemed that now the time of prosperity will come, and Mars will follow the path of progress. But these dreams were not destined to come true. The Earthlings turned out to be no better than the representatives of the trading corporation and subjugated almost all inhabited regions of the red planet. Mars fell into a severe economic dependence on earthlings, and its population eats out a miserable existence in a constant struggle for survival. But this state of affairs cannot last forever, and the seeds of organized resistance are ripening on Mars.

The protagonist of the game has not seen his younger brother for a long time and arrives on Mars to see a relative. In addition, Alec plans to make some money to fulfill his own dream. He knows that working conditions on Mars are not the best, but it is even more difficult to find work on an overpopulated Earth, so he is determined to find any job that pays. However, all of Alec's plans crumble like dust. Shortly after the meeting, his brother dies in a shootout, and the main character is forced to join a resistance group, which is leading a fierce struggle against alien invaders.

Alec realizes that the only way to avenge his brother's death and improve the current state of affairs is to weaken the influence of earthlings on Mars. But the enemy soldiers are well trained, equipped and very numerous, so the main character will have to endure dozens of battles with enemies and prove his superiority. In alliance with the volunteers of the Red Brigade, Alec must knock out earthlings from six major sectors of the planet so that the Martians can begin an independent and free life. But it should be remembered that with each new mission the number of enemies and the quality of their ammunition will increase, so Alec must constantly improve his own equipment.

The main currency in Red Faction: Guerrilla for Mac OS is scrap metal, which can be obtained for successfully completing tasks or picking it up from destroyed buildings. Most of the in-game buildings are destructible, so money shouldn't be a problem. You can Download the game, and boldly destroy enemy outposts, collect precious metal and pick up equipment for the protagonist that will allow him to fight on an equal footing with elite ground attack aircraft.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6+
Red Faction: Guerrilla Mac Game Download
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