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Strategy / 2000
  • Developer:
    Shiny Entertainment
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.0
  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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Sacrifice is a real-time strategy game for Mac OS released by Interplay Entertainment in 2000. In a separated universe, a wise Creator created a new world. He was his only ruler, but then someone killed him. Five new deities have taken over the region, competing for dominance. They are almost omnipotent, but their nature does not allow them to directly influence the World. They need intermediaries, wizards. These light and dark priests draw their strength from special altars and geysers of magical energy scattered throughout the world.

The player is one such tamer of magic, roaming the universe in exile, seeking a place to call home. The hero recently got acquainted with this world, which after the death of its creator lost its shape and disintegrated into a chain of small islands.

Battles take place between five gods:

  • Jacob is the ruler of the earth. He controls her powers, pursuing his enemies with falling stones or devastating earthquakes;
  • Crypt - the god of death and oblivion. Makes its enemies rot;
  • Persephone is the lady of life. It is closest to magicians and can heal. A bit extravagant in behavior and takes good care of her followers;
  • The Pyro is a deity of fire. Fierce, determined, throwing fireballs and causing lava eruptions. However, he is also a fan of machinery and industry;
  • Stratus clouds - the lord of the wind, sea breeze and wisdom. Fights enemies using wind whirlwinds and storms. Sometimes his speech can give a headache.

Each of the gods offers the player different tasks. If you perform them, the reward will follow: new spells, improved abilities. However, it is unusual that there is always the opportunity to choose a task from any of the gods. Therefore, if you cannot complete a certain order, you should try to do another. This system masks the short duration of the game on Mac OS. If we take into account that the player has a choice of five tasks in each mission, it turns out that the game can be played five times. If this does not seem enough, you can Download the strategy, and try to go through the previously prepared scenarios or share them with friends over the network.

Ordinary monsters can boast of special abilities. The druid creates a magic shield around himself, and the Basilisk can turn the enemy into stone. Using these special abilities is the only key to victory, because Sacrifice is based on managing small units with the support of a powerful mage, rather than massive battles.

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System requirements
  • PII 300 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 3D accelerator
  • 620 MB hard disk space
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