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Platform / 2012
  • Developer:
    Retro Affect
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Snapshot is a platforming game for Mac OS developed and published by Retro Affect with gameplay features similar to other games such as Braid.


The player must Download the game, and control a robot named Peak, who owns a special tool - a camera that can "cut" a fragment of the world and paste it into the desired place. Any item can be used: a box, a fireball, or a gust of wind. When you insert a fragment and restore a photograph, the cut-out area is also restored. Thus, you can "copy" areas and restore the picture of the terrain, moving through the levels. With each level you will have to think more carefully, by analogy with puzzles from Braid.

The camera is capable of storing multiple shots, which makes it easier to walk through, since you don't have to run from one end to the other with just one piece. Similar puzzle games use a more difficult algorithm of actions, for example: neutralize the enemy in one part of the level, overcome various traps to pick up the key, come to the door with the next test, and so on. Snapshot is a representative of easy puzzles, when solving it requires only the skill of visual perception of the image in order to insert a fragment at a certain angle to correctly place it in the environment.

The controls are made conveniently, as in other games of the puzzle genre. To move the character, use the arrow keys: up - jump, down - duck, right and left - movement. Aiming the camera at the target and taking a picture is carried out using the mouse. The control option cannot be changed, but this is not required, since this method does not cause difficulties in the gameplay.

Snapshot, like similar creations by other developers, has a reward system. To obtain them, you have to collect the stars scattered on the level and save certain pictures that you need to bring to the end of the stage.

The main difference of the game on Mac OS is the unique photography mechanics, reminiscent of solving a puzzle. The second most important feature is hand-drawn locations, which adds aesthetics to the gameplay.

In addition, it is worth noting that the game has about 100 levels in 5 different worlds, each of which has its own design. Also, after completing the game, the user can continue playing by completing various tests for each level.

The project received medium-high marks both among users and critics on Metacritic - 74 points out of 100. Players note among the features not only the game mechanics, which are addictive for several hours, but also the soundtrack with graphics. All this is done at a high level, so the game can be a good option for playing in your free time.

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  • OS X 10.6 or later
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