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Sunless Sea
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Sunless Sea

RPG / 2015
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    Failbetter Games
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Sunless Sea, by the independent studio Failbetter Games, is an exploration RPG for Mac OS with roguelike elements. You are the captain of the ship and operate the ship from the top. The concept is reminiscent of the older Escape Velocity: Nova and Don't Starve. The player is constantly forced to explore new places. That being said, food and fuel are limited. The supplies are consumed by the crew, which, depending on the type of ship, can number up to forty people. It is logical that the more people there are, the more food supplies are needed. The bins are gradually depleted, and if you do not enter the port, things can come to cannibalism.

Even more trouble will arise if you run out of fuel. You can throw everything burning into the cauldron and squeeze the last juices out of it. But if you do not have time to find a friendly port, only the cold sea water, darkness and slow death await you.

The last indicator to watch out for at sea is the crew's fear level. Madness will drastically complicate your travels. Constant darkness is bad for the crew - the crew members can go crazy and attack each other or be thrown overboard.

Sunless Sea for Mac OS has a unique atmosphere. Her world and mythology will captivate you for tens of hours and make you explore all the possibilities of the game. In many ways, it resembles an interactive book, and the most interesting thing is to read all the chapters. The game is fast paced and interesting fights, but the beauty of S Sunless Sea lies not in the gameplay. This is a personal story of each player, and a happy ending is not at all guaranteed.

Fallen London is your home. Not because the city is a hotbed of corruption and questionable morals (in fact, this is what is being found out), but because it is located in the underworld, where it fell long ago. The underworld of Nita is largely inundated by the sea, which the local sea wolves call Untersee. There is not much to see from the shores of Fallen London - the sea is clouded with darkness, which has risen several miles inland. Anyone who dares to enter the impenetrable darkness risks his life.

When visiting Fallen London, the level of terror is reduced to 50 points. The city is full of great earning opportunities. This is the heart of all Untersee. Command will pay for information from each colony visited. The more juicy the information, the greater the reward will be. Here you can also tell about your adventures. The most shocking stories will collect more retellings, which is the local in-game currency.

The Sunless Sea seems to be out of the pages of Jules Verne's novels, so it's worth Download. At the helm of the ship, you face sea monsters, pirates and appreciate the hospitality of each island pub. There are only minor flaws in this wonderful sea voyage.

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System requirements
  • Operating System: mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
  • Processor: 2 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics and sound cards
  • Storage: 700 MB
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