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Fable: The Lost Chapters
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Fable: The Lost Chapters

Action / 2008
  • Developer:
    Feral Interactive
  • Release:
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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The player begins the passage of Fable: The Lost Chapters for Mac OS in the form of a little boy. In his dreams, he dreams that someday he will become a real hero. He lives in a small village and his life is like a fairy tale. However, the village is suddenly attacked by bandits. The village is on fire, the father is dead, the sister is unknown where. The boy is saved by a lucky break. The mage takes him to the Guild of Heroes.

Here in the Guild of Heroes, the player will study the rules of this world, get acquainted with the capabilities of the character. He will also learn to fight, try to break the runner's record, drive out the bandits, and try to find the key to a mysterious chest. During this time, the boy turns into a well-built youth. After leaving the Guild of Heroes, the protagonist will have to go anywhere in Albion to complete a task that will be his first step into adulthood.


  • Added new monsters, weapons, items, armor, cities, buildings;
  • Nine new areas;
  • Sixteen additional quests;
  • Personalization of the main character.


The hero controlled by the player can interact with objects and other characters. He can use ranged and melee weapons and magic spells to win battle.

The main feature of the game on Mac OS in the behavior of the protagonist is that everything that he does leaves its mark on him. For example, if he eats a lot, then this can lead to obesity. The scars received in battle remain for the hero's life. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to motion sickness and vomiting. The choice of clothing, hair, and tattoos affects the relationship between the player and NPCs.

Even the way you fight affects the character's appearance. A warrior with heavy weapons possesses muscles and an athletic build. Archers grow thin and tall, while mages are distinguished by palms with a luminous blue pattern.

For good and bad actions the player gets points. To get good points, you can, for example, kill monsters or save peasants. The scale of points of evil will add points for performing atrocities, killing innocent people, breaking a relationship.

If you earn a large number of good points, the character will have a halo, butterflies will fly around him. The evil hero can be recognized by his horns, legs surrounded by red smoke, his eyes glow with red light. Throughout the game, the hero grows old, regardless of the number of points earned, his hair becomes gray. Go through all the adventures with the hero, for this you only need to Download the game.

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  • mac intel
Fable: The Lost Chapters Mac Game Download
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