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Icewind Dale
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Icewind Dale

RPG / 2000
  • Developer:
    Black Isle Studios
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    Not required
  • Interface language:
    Russian, English, MULTI

In 2000, developer Black Isle Studios worked with publishers at Interplay Entertainment to create a product called Icewind Dale. The project was created for Mac OS in the style of a role-playing game with elements of action.

The plot takes place in Icewind Dale, one of the districts of a distant world. The location is located in the north of the Faerun subcontinent, which is located beyond the majestic Ridge of the World. The player begins his story by creating a team. It should normally include 6 adventurers. But the number of characters in a team depends on the player's wishes and may vary. Adventurers jointly guard the marching caravan and unwittingly become witnesses of unfolding events that they do not understand. Only then the player learns that there is a long-standing demonic feud in the Valley that threatens the safety of the inhabitants of the Ten Cities in Icewind Valley.

The team will have to explore the game world, which is striking in its vastness. Travelers will encounter many obstacles. The game provides for a battle with enemy creatures and monsters, communication with friendly characters. By successfully completing the assigned tasks, the player gains experience and items that will help him develop further in the game.

One of the main character's sworn enemies will be the killer of his adoptive father. This confrontation will be traced throughout the storyline.

Unfortunately, the graphic design of the game has its own limitations. The screen resolution is in the standard 640x480 format and also supports 16 or 24 bit colors, these settings cannot be changed. But this does not create much inconvenience, because the atmosphere created by such settings helps to plunge into the time of the game's release, which delivers an unforgettable experience.

Soundtracks are selected in a wonderful way so that the player can experience the game line as much as possible. Icewind Dale on Mac OS has garnered many positive reviews from both gamers and professional critics for its gameplay and musical design. The game has two additions that diversify the main storyline.

Icewind Dale is a game that cannot leave you indifferent. The developers have tried hard over their creation so that each user can Download the game and feel like a fighter for justice and a seeker of dangerous adventures in a distant mystical world.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later (including 10.15 Catalina)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
Icewind Dale Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 2.01 GB
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