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Jewel Quest 5
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Jewel Quest 5

Puzzle / 2011
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Jewel Quest 5 for Mac OS is the fifth installment in the popular match-3 series. The action takes place in 1901 in North America, which at that moment entered the era of the technical revolution: the telegraph develops, railways are built, electricity appears.

The main character is the scientist-researcher Percy Pak, who is not interested in new discoveries. He always gravitated towards mystical antiquities and forgotten civilizations. The main character goes along the Hudson River to the people of the Indians. Rumor has it that it is in their settlement that a strange stone with magical properties is kept: it emitted unstoppable fire.

Upon arrival to the Indians, the archaeologist saw that the village was destroyed, and the artifact stone had been stolen. At first, the scientist was mistaken for a robber, but then the locals asked for help in finding their stone, which they called the Inextinguishable Star. The thieves of the artifact themselves are in great danger: misuse of the Unquenchable Star can lead to dire consequences. Percy with his faithful assistant goes in search of the Eternal Star in the footsteps of the robbers.

During your journey, you will find unique levels of the classic puzzle. Your goal is to unlock the playing field. By connecting gems in chains of three or more, you remove stones on the field, which changes its color from gray to gold. When the whole field turns golden, the mission is completed.

Many stunning locations, obstacles and challenges await players. Hundreds of unique levels await you, becoming more difficult with each turn. For successful completion, the player will receive unique artifacts that can change the course of the game: some remove cells from the field, others add time to complete the mission. Their correct use will make it easy and fun to complete each level.

Jewel Quest 5 on Mac OS has an interesting storyline, into which dozens of additional quests are skillfully interwoven, perfectly complementing the gameplay and making the game even more fun.

In some match 3 games, it can be difficult to see tiles that have not yet been unlocked. The developers of Jewel Quest 5 solved this problem by pressing the CTRL key, all gems are temporarily hidden from the field. Then the player can see where the tiles remain to be removed. If you are ready to find the most valuable artifact of the Inextinguishable Star and return it to the Indian tribe, click Download game.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS 10.4 or later - 10.6.
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 128 MB Video RAM
Jewel Quest 5 Mac Game Download
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