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Kerbal Space Program
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Kerbal Space Program

Simulation / 2015
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Kerbal Space Program is a space simulator for Mac OS, which immediately catches by surprise with a very high entry threshold. Although the game offers good tutorials, until you spend at least 2 hours in it, nothing will be clear. And even after that, you will only understand the most basic principles of the gameplay, which include creating missiles, choosing the right team for them, testing various launch scenarios and, finally, the launches themselves. Astronauts are kerbals - funny green creatures who do not speak, but make various funny sounds, by which you can guess their emotions.

The game uses realistic aerodynamics and orbital physics, so there are many parameters to consider. Incorrect weight distribution or the wrong sequence of launch stages and tragic consequences cannot be avoided. Fortunately, the game provides the player with a variety of auxiliary tools, both during the rocket construction stage and during the launch preparation stage. Your first rocket will almost certainly crash and you will have to understand all the intricacies of ready-made "training" launches. But, in the end, everything will work out, and the feeling when you manage to do something really difficult is conveyed in this game like nowhere better. However, if you just want to tinker with other people's projects, this is also possible. The game has full Steam Workshop support, so you can import some pretty popular custom ship designs (like a near-replica of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon) and try them out for yourself.

The game has several disadvantages:

  • Interface. It is understandable in places, but often overly intricate;
  • All kinds of bugs - this is in any game, but in the Kerbal Space Program problems with the game engine, physics and animation are perceived especially acutely. After all, they can destroy all the labor of the player to launch the rocket;
  • Graphics - the game doesn't look very attractive even for 2015. This is partly explained by the fact that complex physical calculations of launches require large amounts of memory and there are simply no resources left for the picture.

Kerbal Space Program is a brilliant Mac OS game for many reasons, so we recommend Download it. It features great physics simulation, a rich toolbox of different possibilities, and an amazing community that has developed hundreds of mods, guides and tutorials to help new players achieve the desired result in the game. And, of course, a sense of accomplishment, which will remain with the player much longer than all the disappointments of failed launches.

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System requirements
  • System: OS X 10.7+
  • CPU: Intel
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM
  • Storage: 1 GB HD space
Kerbal Space Program Mac Game Download
  • Status: Verified
  • Size: 1.01 GB
  • Downloads: 3 013
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