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Platform / 2010
  • Developer:
    Terry Cavanagh
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.2
  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

All avid gamers who require complex tasks and challenges from games may be interested in an indie platformer on Mac OS with a funny name VVVVVV, which will not impress with graphics, but will test patience to the maximum.

The plot will not interest anyone and is provided here, rather, for show. Due to the failure of the spacecraft's engine, the members of the scientific team teleported and found themselves unclear where. Finding them is not easy because the environment is full of strange physical anomalies. The game has surprisingly more dialogue than is expected from this kind of project. Their content is uninteresting, but sometimes they successfully parody established cliches.

The most interesting element of the whole game is the gameplay, for which the Download game is recommended. The basic principles are primitive, only four buttons are needed to operate. You can run left and right, activate multiple items and change gravity. The protagonist cannot jump, but if necessary, you can change the direction of gravity, fall on the ceiling and go upside down.

No weapons are needed, you can only deftly dodge from enemies. The main difficulty is not in the possibilities, but in the variety of the environment, where a lot of cunning tricks are prepared for the character. Of course, deadly spikes and moving platforms are everywhere, but each level also brings with it a new game element that enriches the passage. For example, the screen automatically moves up for a while, and you need to follow it in order not to hit the outside. In other cases, you will have to accompany a colleague who follows the player only if he is on the ground. Precisely jumping from the ceiling to the floor, it is necessary to calculate the time of its movement in order to avoid obstacles.

There are places where the left and right sides of the screen are connected, which greatly increases the size of the maze. The difficulty of the game is not determined by the type of obstacles, but by their number and speed of movement. You don't need to strain your brain to go through most of the rooms, the solution is usually clear at a glance. But its implementation will require tremendous accuracy, often down to millimeters.

VVVVVV for Mac OS is not a strict tunnel, but a large map containing several separate, more linear sections so that players cannot get around some obstacles and facilitate the path to the story location. You can choose the order of execution of individual tasks as you wish. Most of the segments are rife with hidden bonuses.

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