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Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation
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Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation

Puzzle / 2017
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    JoWooD Vienna
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Neighbors from Hell 2: On Vacation is a mixed genre PC game for Mac OS that includes elements of real-time strategy and puzzle games, developed by JoWood Productions, an Austrian company. The release took place on May 5, 2004, and then the game spread throughout the world. This is a direct continuation of the first part of the series - Neighbors from Hell.


At the center of the story are the adventures of Woody Allen and the crew of the TV Studio Vienna - the people responsible for the development and content of the television program How to Get a Neighbor.

The goal of the game has not changed since the first part: the player will still have to spoil the life of Woody's neighbor, Mr. Vincent Rottweiler, in every possible way, completing additional tasks along the way and earning medals. However, the filming location in the second part is different from the first: due to the fact that Vincent, along with his mother, Andy Rottweiler, decides to go on vacation, having traveled half the world.

In the course of the game, the Neighbor develops a love interest in a person named Olga, but he is not destined to win her heart: at the levels where she will appear, the main character will have to make her beat Mr. Vincent in every possible way. True, mother Rottweiler will also not lag behind in this, because Woody will give a reason to scold her son in all possible ways. Ultimately, the Neighbor's holiday cruise will end due to the banal stupidity and meanness of the protagonist.


The gameplay of Neighbors from Hell 2: On Vacation for Mac OS does not have significant differences compared to the first part: the player, controlling Woody Allen, still has to use the mouse cursor to search and use objects of the environment in order to create traps in order to spoil his neighbor , or do it directly, while remaining unnoticed.

If the Rottweiler notices the main character in the room, he will rush after him: you can hide from him using cabinets or beds. In the second part of the series, the number of player lives was increased from one to three. This is compensation for the fact that there is another adversary of Woody - Vincent's mother, who will also beat the dirty trick just after seeing him.

A significant difference between the mechanics of passing the level from the prequel is a strong decrease in the role of the time spent on the level: now it does not affect the possibility of passing, but only on the points received after passing, however, the level cannot be passed without gaining the minimum required number of points. The choice of maps here is extensive and meets the setting: the main character will visit a cruise ship in India, China and other overseas countries. To go on vacation with Woody, you need to Download the game.

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System requirements
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.6
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video: Intel HD 4000 / ATI Radeon HD 5770 / GTX 550
Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation Mac Game Download
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