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Plants vs. Zombies
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Plants vs. Zombies

Strategy / 2009
  • Developer:
    PopCap Games
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.039
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game for Mac OS. The gameplay includes defending the house, which is regularly attacked by zombies. All kinds of plants will act as an arsenal for protection. It is worth paying attention to a rather pleasant graphic component.


  • You can get the achievement "Golden Sunflower", provided that you have completed some game modes;
  • If you grow a tree of wisdom in the "Zen garden", then it will share tips for the game. For this tree it is possible to get the achievement "Silver Sunflower";
  • After reaching level 3, an almanac will open. This is a book that contains all the information, both about zombies and about plants.


The player will have to Download the game and defend his own house from the zombie attack. Zombies differ from each other in various characteristics. For example, the speed of movement, the number of lives and other distinctive features. Some can go through certain obstacles without problems. To win, you need to be smart and identify the weak points of the dead.

For defense, you will have to plant unusual plants on the corral, which differ in attack style and other properties, for example, slowing down the enemy. As a resource, small particles of the sun fall from the sky. To increase the efficiency of collection, there is a special plant - a sunflower.

Plants vs. Zombies for Mac OS has three distinctive locations. For example, in one of the locations there is a pool, where a jug is required for planting plants. There is also a location with a slope where plants cannot shoot directly. Also, the time of day changes in the game, this greatly complicates the extraction of the sun, at night you will have to use special sun mushrooms. There will be fog on some levels, which limits the view.

As the game progresses, additional, no less interesting game modes will open, where the player will try himself as a zombie, try to enter the house and take possession of the owner's brains. To do this, you need to think well and develop a strategy. There is also a mode where the player simply grows different plants to earn coins, which can be used to buy all sorts of things in the store.

After passing 3-4 levels, the player will open a store where you can buy plants that cannot be obtained by simple passage. The currency is the coins you earn in the Zen Garden.

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System requirements
  • Mac OSX 10.6.6 (OS X 10.7 Lion support)
Plants vs. Zombies Mac Game Download
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