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Action / 2012
  • Developer:
    Klei Entertainment
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  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
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Shank is an action video game for Mac OS. The player takes on the role of the main character named Schenk. He is proficient in many martial arts and knows how to use most dangerous weapons to kill his opponents. In the game you will have to take a cruel path and fight your way through mountains of enemies and bosses. The game from the first seconds plunges into its blood-soaked atmosphere.


  • The game has a cooperative mode. There, along with the player, Schenk's partner Falcon will play. In this mode, you can perform joint finishing off bosses and opponents. It is also possible to resurrect each other;
  • The plot is presented through animated scenes;
  • More than eight bosses will stand in your way.


The player must Download the game, and go into a brutal two-dimensional world, where they will have to use various types of weapons from a conventional knife, chainsaw or katana to the most real firearms. There is the possibility of searching enemy corpses, where you can find grenades or firearms. All weapons can be used and many bloody combos. It is worth noting the graphic component, which is made in the style of comics.

The developers have worked out a system for capturing opponents and throwing them, in addition to this, enemies can be used as shields. The main character was endowed with parkour skills, so the player has the opportunity to jump on walls, run on various shields and much more.

Shank's plot on Mac OS tells the story of Shank's revenge for his girlfriend Eva. It all starts with a bar, where a poster about the Butcher's battle hangs on the wall, it was he who was involved in the murder of Eve. At this time, the bartender recognizes Schenk and attacks him. After the battle, the player goes to the arena where the butcher is. There is a murder of the butcher, but it turns out that it was not him, the real one has a tattoo on his body. After that, the player goes in search of a real butcher in another city.

The co-op storyline is slightly different. The club, which is headed by Schenk and his partner, is attacked by bikers, they take the girl Cassandra hostage. A pursuit begins, during which Schenk and a Partner save Cassandra. Then, after some events, the players are instructed to kill the butcher. After the release of the first part, the developers released a sequel in the form of the second game, in which they slightly changed the gameplay and added a multiplayer game mode.

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System requirements
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.x - 10.7.x
  • Processor: Intel Core Solo
  • Video card with 128 MB memory
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Disk space: 2.5 GB
Shank Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 2.50 GB
  • Downloads: 1 475
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